A break.

Sweet Reader, It’s been a wonderful time with you, but now, we have to take a short break to restrategize and come back better. You’ve been supportive. Yes you. God bless you. 💙


Is there anything you think you should be joyful about? Whatever it is, stay joyful.


What do you hear about hope? Hope putteth not ashamed. Today, I just want us to discuss about hope as a topic. What does hope mean to you? See you in the comment section…

Help Yourself.

For more than two weeks now, I feel like giving up on everything, I have many many important tasks at hand, sometimes, I become too overwhelmed. Do you feel that way too? Everything crushing down on your head. Everywhere shaking. You just want a break! Yes, I want a break too, even from writing blog …

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Give up?

Today, like, many days, I need you. If I feel like giving up, what will be your advice to me? If you feel like giving up too, tell me in the comment session, let’s laugh and encourage ourselves. Shalom.


Sweet reader, thank you for coming back here to read the blog post. There won’t be so much today because my phone’s screen got broken last week Friday, I think around 10:33a.m. Although the screen is repaired now, there won’t be a blog post today so that I will be able to post the video …


Thank You.

Do you remember how we started this journey of reading books? Now, the journey that started with a step is now a year old. Look at where we are now. Thank you for believing in this vision. You deserve more than this airtime, but, please, manage these: Airtel : 1736 8668 9350 8849 Mtn : …

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