Today, like, many days, I need you.

If I feel like giving up, what will be your advice to me?

If you feel like giving up too, tell me in the comment session, let’s laugh and encourage ourselves.


6 thoughts on “Give up?”

  1. Giving up is never and option (na who give up, fuck up)
    The challenges we face in the journey of our lives makes testimonies sweet or better say makes success stories beautiful.

  2. There are always times when you feel like giving up just like every other person, but what should keep you going is to look back to where you started from, then you will see you’ve don’t always been where you are and also people like me are looking up to you.

    1. Abimbola Thompson

      I am grateful for this rare privilege to be someone you look up to. Thank you so much for your encouragement…

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