You know, one of the major reasons why we worry too much is because we don’t trust God one bit. Most of us even have a bad impression of God. We believe God is the author of confusion. God is the killer. God is the bad guy. You know everything. For this cause, we fear like never before, but the truth is that, apart from just trusting God, we can learn to live a life free from worry if we delight ourselves in God and learn to rest in God. Now, let’s take it one after the other.
From start, the word delight means to take pleasure in or to enjoy. That is to say, to delight in the Lord means we have to learn to just enjoy God’s presence without much requests. It’s just like a child enjoying the presence of the father, not because he or she needs anything, but, because the presence of the father just brings satisfaction. That is the kind of relationship God wants us to have with him. Delight is just us having fun with our father. I know you like the sound of that.
Look at it this way too. It is very necessary that we commit our way into God’s hands. Of course, isn’t it very obvious that it is necessary we drop all of our worries and concerns to God? Wait! If we don’t drop all of it to God, is there much we can do to help ourselves? Sometimes, all we need to do is to just rest and let God do the rest. Do you get? Life isn’t all we want and it will not always be all we want, but, we can learn to see and take note of a father who cares so much about our well being.
To conclude this, God doesn’t just watch you delight and stay silent. He fights your battle for you. In this case, whatever the devil does to you, he does to God, now, judge. Can the devil stand your God? If you are agree with me answer, then, it is easy to accept that God is worthy of your trust and commitment.


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