If you are honest with yourself, can you admit it that you get all of God? I mean all the promises God has for you, can you say with all boldness that you enjoy the full promises of God? The word says that by his stripes, you are healed. I ask you. How is your health? The word says, he has blessed you with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. Again, I ask you. Are you not a victim of spiritual oppression? Yes, I agree with you, sometimes, you experience a miracle, but, the truth is that we are not yet walking in the fullness of the abundance of God. I know you agree. I agree. The devil agrees. The only one happy about this is the devil. Let us establish this. The gifts of miracles serve as ways to minister to the unbelievers, then, second, as a confirmation of God’s word. There are many secrets you need to be aware of, let me give you a list of mysteries you need to comprehend.



Tell me, what comes to your mind with this statement, the more sure word. More sure word of what? Do you know there can be manipulations to dreams? Visions? Sometimes, people get confusion from what they think, they hear from God, or confusion about certain things they think God gives in a dream. The dreams, visions are true, but, they come as God wills, not as man wills. The only strong and significant element that can be void of manipulation is the written word of God. The word of God is the only truth that can not be manipulated. Do you know why? Just because the word of God is the truth. This is the basic reason why the word of God must always nullify every contrary opinion. You are not feeling okay? The word says you are healed . Debtors come to accuse you? The more sure word says you are debt free. Now, this is what happens even with the word of God.


Faith, then, comes by you hearing that more sure word of God, when we listen to God, when we talk to God, think his word, dream it and do it. Faith will rise up within us. This is how it works. Faith rises up and lay hold on those things you can not see, then, bring them to the natural realm, where you can see them. If you are sick, listen to God’s word that says that by his stripes you are healed. Think about it, back it up with actions and watch faith rise up within you. Just say, faith will come by hearing that more sure word of God. You don’t have to request for a spectacular sign or wonder from heaven, all you need to believe is the more sure word and the way to believe the more sure word is by faith (talking, thinking, dreaming and acting ) on the more sure word.


Do you ever consider and analyze properly the case of Father Abraham? When he was told to leave his father’s land, there was no Bible, there was no written word. There was no word, talk more of the more sure word. See, the old testament was not even available. All Abraham had to go on was a spoken promise. Imagine a 75 years old man, also married to an old barren woman, now deciding to take God at his spoken word and obey him. Do you ever consider why God changed his name from Abram to Abraham? Abraham means father of many Nations, so, when people call the name Abraham, they are calling things that be not as if they were. Now, I see you nodding your head. You understand the trick better now.
Take this addition. As you go about like Abraham, Joshua and other men and women of faith, the more you are speaking God’s word, the word will spark an inner image which in turn becomes hope, and hope is always the point where the miracle happens. Hope is a divine inner image. It is the dream birthed by the word of God in the soul of a man. It is the blueprint of faith.
Now, remember, Abraham hoped against hope, he went against all odds, we can too. I know, it is not easy for us, but, I know we can . We can begin to speak, hear, and mutter the word of God until we begin to see it and dream it.

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