How old are you now? Why does getting into a relationship bother you so much? You think I don’t understand. Do I? You are above 25 years old and there’s no “brother” in view. Your best friend is in her husband’s house. Your enemy will do her introduction next week. Tobi now work in an oil company and Stanley is presently working directly with the commissioner. Yes, but, you? You are in the waiting stage. Money? Waiting stage. Love? Waiting stage. Career? Waiting stage. It’s painful.
Ok. Let’s talk.
Pin it. God doesn’t work by your timing. You can read that again. See, everyone will wait at one point or the other. Reason it. From the time of old, waiting has been the order of the day for great people. For this reason, let’s focus of waiting when it comes to marriage. The Mr. Right isn’t coming, but, one Mr. is around you always. Let’s take Abraham as a case study.
Do you want your Isaac or you want Ishmael? Imagine this case, after waiting for so long, a dark, tall, handsome brother comes around. His diction is also irresistible and he seems to be perfect in every way, but, there’s a clause. Brother is not born again and he is willing to have sex and see you get pregnant before marriage. You are thinking of giving in to his requests because you believe your efforts brought him, so, your efforts must keep him. That apart, everyone is going it. Why shouldn’t you? That’s t feeling right? So, what do you do with these feelings? Let’s put it this way. What must you do while waiting for your Isaac?

Like Abraham, do not let your faith weaken, many things will come to shake and weaken your faith. I can hear you say they are already coming. Hold on to that faith, don’t stagger. Do you know what it means to stagger? Staggering means to be unstable or unsteady. Don’t get to that place where you think if God is not answering you as fast as you want then you will need also try other means. It’s difficult, but, believe in God. Have a strong faith and give glory to God while waiting.

This message may not sound new to you, but, look at it from this angle. God may not be telling you something new through this blog post, but, he’s emphasizing something. Wait for him. Trust him. Believe him.


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