Do people take your humility for stupidity? I mean, every day, you are trying to do your best to put other people first, but, they do everything to frustrate your effort. Oh yes, it is not arguable that humility opens the door to many good things, including access to God, but, one thing is sure. Humility has its own enemies, effects and weakness. Wait, don’t get it wrong, don’t assume that you should stop humbling yourself because of the responses you get from people. The only thing you need to take note of are these:

  • The Weakness of Humility
  • The Effects of Humility
  • The Enemies of Humility


This is one of the most important things you need to learn regarding humility. There are weaknesses to your act of humility. The first is that humility makes you depend on God without reservations. It is the first lesson you will learn as a believer, it is not you looking down on yourself. Humility is preferring others to yourself. It is putting others first. I can hear you say that people don’t deserve it, but, that is the weakness of humility. Real humility is to be like Christ. It is absolute submission, nothingness and dependence that is entirely peaceful, joyful and centred on the Lord, not on people. This means that, irrespective of what people do, let all you do be dependent on God. Let’s move on. You get the gist?


You see, the effects of humility can not be quantified. Sure. It may have what you count as a negative effect. The way people see you as a “fool.” For once, take your attention away from that. See it from this angle. Your humility proves what you are and is therefore the basis of your promotion. If you have money and you are not humble to serve God and humanity with your resources, you are not getting ready for God to promote you. Even God is willing to save just one person. The humble person, “and whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted” – Matthew 23:12. Humility brings undeserved, unearned, unqualified blessings, help and favour your way. I know you have a first hand experience in this. You can count times your humility saves you from trouble. That saving is one of the effects of humility.


You see, life can frustrate you and make you think humility is not achievable. Then, life will use people around you to make it sound like the humility race is not something you should start. Do you know the good news in all of these? You also have a role to play. There are obvious enemies of humility. The main enemy starts from your mind. When you begin to think people cheat you because you are humble, you are beginning to have a high mind, which is the first enemy of humility. Not just that? Do you want to be noticed everytime? Do you hold on to your good reputation? Do you always want to lead without serving others? Watch out! You are giving room to the enemies of humility.

God is your strength. No one says humility is easy. The insults that come with it is enough to discourage, but, if you consider the insults, you should ask yourself first, are you humble? You know when you are humble. Let me ask you. What are your experiences with humility?

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