The money issue. It excites you right? I mean, money is almost everything. If you can read this blog post, it is because you have enough money to be able to do data. Name it. Schooling? You need money. To eat? You need money. It’s like even if you decide to laugh, you need money to laugh well…😀. Despite these truths you know about money, you may not be aware of these seven lies about money.

Don’t stress yourself. We have just seven short, but, powerful paragraphs. Lies about money.

  • You know those people that tell you money is unimportant, you know them right? They lie. That is the number one lie you should never agree with. Money, money, money is important. Anytime you want to think that money is unimportant, just ask yourself this question. Do you have enough to cater for all your needs? Oh, the answer will do more good than harm.
  • Then, we have, those who think money is evil. You know them? Or, you are one of them too? It’s enough harm to think that money is unimportant, to conclude that money is evil is worse. Look at it like this. God creates wealth. He says the silver and gold is his own. Haggai 2:8 and he even says he’s the giver of wealth in Deuteronomy 8:18. So, if you are thinking that money is evil, where are you getting that from? You know that is not from God.
  • Do you hear people say money doesn’t hurt anyone? It’s a lie. Money hurts. Money can give you a false sense of security. Pride can come as a result of the abundance of money. Money can become a God in your life. You agree with these things. The hurt money will give if you don’t manage it well, is enough to destroy life forever. See, money can hurt.
  • Money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Although, it is better to cry in a Ferrari, than on a bike, the unfailing truth is that the rich also cry. Hot tears too. The major hurt that gives unhappiness to most wealthy people is their inability to discern true friends. Money attracts lots of people, say, many fake people, if you begin to think that money will give you happiness, you lie,money attracts, necessary problems.
  • No one has a special gift to be wealthy. Yes, that’s the truth. If you ever believe that certain set of people come with the destiny to be wealthy, then, you are not ready to move further and hear the truth. Through development of your God-given talents and the principles of giving. You determine the financial Harvest of your life. You have a choice in all of this. If you partner well with God, he can reverse any financial curse over your life.
  • Those who say God doesn’t care about the size of your seed to him are not saying the truth. God cares so much about the size of your seed go him. Look at it, Jesus takes note of every detail, he notices the two mites you drop like that of the widow in the Bible and he even notices it if it is sacrificial giving, just like the widow’s mites, that can make a farthing. As much as God wants you to give, one thing is very crucial, the amount you give and the amount you keep for yourself after giving reveals your attitude towards God. God is watching not just the size, but, your attitudes too.
  • Do you hear them discuss money in church? Don’t let anyone deceive you. Money is a very spiritual subject. There is nothing wrong with discussing money matters in church. See, offering time is also a worship time. You don’t have to rush to give your offering, giving your offering is a form of worship. If we can give offering in church, why do should we not discuss money issues in church? Money is one of the biggest issues that brings controversy and as children of God, talking about money should be the easiest thing to do after dancing to God.

You see, so many people believe many things about money, some even believe you should give and not expect anything in return. Well, remember that when Christ gave his life for you, he expected you to surrender your life to him. Even God believes in the give and take business. This is the way God creates the universe to work. A particular means of survival here is money. If you undergrade the subject of money, not only are you doing yourself harm, you are limiting what God can do for you. Ignore the lies. Money matters are important subject.

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