Dear amazing youth,
It is a great privilege to write to you and reiterate to you the words of Gbile Akanni in his book, battle for the young. So, let’s talk, dear young one, are you aware of the battle against you? Do you even know why there are battles against you?
First, the time of youth is the time of making choices and the battle is all about influencing your choices. The most painful thing about this whole matter is that these choices whether they were made consciously or unconsciously, are often irreversible. As a young female, if you get an unwanted pregnancy before giving your life to Christ, you will still have the child even after you repent and give your life to Christ. You can not reverse the birth of the child. Just because the time of your youth is also a time of strength for you, it also becomes a time of warfare and you either choose God or Satan. You need to see it that there is a fresh combat for your life and you can not afford to be neutral about this. Simply put, you can not sit on the fence.

Again, in a similar version, remember this. The time of your youth is the time of foundation laying. You remember the Bible saying that, if the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do? That is it. The devil seeks to destroy your foundation which is your youthful age. This is because he knows that there are specific things peculiar to you as a young individual. This is the period of an unprecedented outbreak of all the virtues God embeds in you. In the battle for the young, the battle is between God and Satan. But the battle is over your life. You are the one who determines who takes the victory as a young person. Let’s just call a spade, a spade. You are the primary character in this epic battle for the prime period of your youth and you decide who wins or loses.

Sweet reader, your life is a fresh ground ahead of you that is not yet spoilt but I must tell you this, there is a huge contest going on regarding your life and the mistakes that you have made do not constitute the real problem, the problem will be to continue in them.
To cap it all, God could have decided to overcome your will, step in to intervene for you and stop the destroyer from gobbling up the best part of your life, but His just and loving nature will not allow Him to force you.
The decision is yours.

Yours in love.

2 thoughts on “BATTLE FOR THE YOUNG.”

  1. I choose the way of the Lord 2x)
    For the way of the Lord, is the way of wisdom
    I choose the way of the Lord

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