So, is it fine to talk about how much you know about courtship? How do you think you can court without courting sin? You know what we are talking about right? Let us summarize it this way. Courtship is the period between the “Yes, I will do,” and “Yes, I do,” Although courtship involve things like God’s leading, prayer, maturity and love, doing courtship God’s way must include these major ingredients:



What are you thinking? You think timing involved just your age? No. In this case, let us consider timing in courtship terms. Courtship is the time for what? Now, you get it. Apart from you seeing courtship as the right time to lay a good foundation and knowing each other, courtship is a time of discovery, adjustment, examination, fighting and planning.
Good. Thank you for giving me your attention. Courtship is a time to discover your partner’s common area of interest and how you can adjust after making your discovery. Let us call a spade a spade. Do. It let infatuation blind you during courtship. Don’t ignore glaring stories of incompatibility and irreconcilable differences. You can plan your future together, but begin to see courtship as the period to disagree without quarrel, but, if there is a need for it, remember that a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.


You see, as far as it concerns God, it is not just about you courting, it is about you courting in God’s way. Courting in God’s way means that you do all things to avoid sexual immorality in your courtship. You are right. I can hear you say it is not easy. No one says it will be east, but, everyone agrees that it is possible to avoid sexual sins. First, you need to court a person that sees sexual sins as a big deal, it is then you can now begin to talk about his you can have a pure courtship. Another important thing you need to consider is to always flee from all appearances of evil. Avoid meeting begins close doors, avoid meeting in dark places, so you don’t think dark thoughts. Don’t stay late or alone together. Don’t begin to think that you can’t fall into temptation. It’s true you are born again, but, remember that you r hormones are not born again.


Oh yes, courting can expose both the strengths and weaknesses of your to be partner. Although most times, the strengths are favorable, in most cases, the weaknesses are enough to cause a broken relationship. Some weaknesses may not end the relationship because they are just little foxes you can cope with in marriage. The major flags that should draw your attention are the loss of peace, fear, lack of love and affection, lust, communication break down, constant disagreement, irreconcilable differences, spiritual sickness, coldness or backsliding, provocation, bad character, sharp doctrinal differences. Many things like these are things you should be deliberate about in a courtship relationship. You need to remind yourself that truly love may be blind, but, marriage will open your eyes.


Okay. Here we go. You need to prepare for marriage the God’s eat. It is not just about your spouse preparing, you also need to prepare very well. First, get rid of the opinions that in-laws are bad, especially for ladies, don’t see your mother in law as monster in law. Comport yourself and be submissive always. There nag be reasons why your in laws mag be against your relationships, but, you can trust God to minister to your in laws on your behalf. As the “brother in relationship, bro, you are not yet in marriage, you are courting. Start to learn the act of loving a woman and the act of good leadership. If you can do these, your level of preparation will prepare you for the days ahead. Preparation cuts across all facets. You know, emotional preparation is also key. Are you a cry cry baby? A fearful person, a person with bad anger? Think well.

Let’s conclude,

This blog post is all about you and your relationship life. Will you like to share your point of view with me in the comment section?

Oh yes, that’s the conclusion of courting: the God’s way to it.

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