Let us make this short. Very short. Two paragraphs. Promise.
What exactly is a vessel unto honor? Ok. I can hear you say it should be who.
So, who is a vessel unto honor? Does God say this person is a vessel unto destruction and this one is a vessel unto honor? First, let us remind ourselves that once you are a believer, you are no longer a child of the dark. Agree? Good. You have no business participating in evil. He calls you to separate from the profane things. You see, the emphasis is more on your body which is the temple of God. Your body is the temple and it is the first vessel you have to make honorable. Just like the tithe, It means you are intentional about setting apart your body to honor and not destruction. For all the things you think are holding you back, God is faithful. He’s just waiting on the opportunity to help you.
The second paragraph.
It’s not all about the vessel unto honor. We can have vessels of destruction. For everyone, who thinks they can keep getting away with things they’ve done, they joke. They really haven’t gotten away with anything. God has simply endured their sin with long-suffering, giving them opportunity to come to Him. Yes. God will help you, but you have a part to play. God does not choose who becomes the vessel of honor or the vessel of destruction. You decide the one you want to become. See it this way. God leaves the choice to you. He’s asking us to purge ourselves from the things that are not right in His sight. He wants us to be free and holy, so we can be vessels of honor.
The conclusion.
We are all vessels, we just belong to different categories. The vessel. Honor. Destruction. Which are you? Why do you think you are that kind of vessel? Don’t be too sure. Let us talk more in the comment section.

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