What do you believe?
Let’s have a talk on the real world of the spiritual. Just before we discuss anything, look at the amazing way out fathers have a strong belief in sin and hell, along side, righteousness and heaven.
Halt! Try and see the obvious. Our fathers see the fight between heaven and hell as real as the war between righteousness and sin. Do you see a link now? We now have a drastic change in the way we interpret our world. We no longer see the world as a battleground anymore, but as a playground. You know everything we say and how we rationalize everything that happens to us.
We say things like, we are not here to fight, so, let us drink. We are here to frolic. So, How true is this? You will agree with me that there are many factors to consider under this topic, but, let us take it one after the other.



First, let us agree that this fearful words needs a fearless church and this is the major reason why we can’t keep compromising as a Christian. To avoid compromising, you know what you need? True faith. Don’t shy away from the truth? Are you with true faith or a pseudo-faith? You know there is no need to do plenty elaboration on this. You know what you have. The point is, what you have may not really be the issue, but, it is how it has an impact on your view of the spiritual world. A playground or battleground? If you claim to be a praying Christian, what is the origin of your prayer? Your heart or the Holy Spirit? Only the humble in Spirit is completely sane in this kind of situation. It’s obvious this may be a lot to take in, but, invest your time, the dividend is rewarding. Do you sometimes ask yourself the “why” question. Of course, it is important to do the right thing, but, it is still more important to do the right thing for a right reason. Why do you study the scripture? Why do you meditate? It is obvious you want to take 7 seconds to give a sincere answer to that question. Allow this thumb of rule guide you. As long as it concerns the spiritual world, the Lord concerns himself with where we are going, rather than how fast we go. Now, go ahead and give yourself sincere answers to the question.


I know it may sound hard, look hard, appear hard, but, the spiritual world may be everything, but, it is definitely not a joke. As a Christian, your speech matters. Fleeing from any form of idolatry is necessary. Forsaking the gathering of the brethren has consequences. Loving other people, not just Christians, is crucial. This is why your obedience to the scripture is very vital. A mere passive surrender is equal to no surrender at all. If you are willing to submit to the will of God, you must be willing to take orders from him. You see, we won’t see remarkable transformations until we give the Lord’s instructions the prominence it occupies in the scriptures. Yes. There may be cases you have to suffer as a Christian, but, you can see it as price you have to pay to gain access to the spiritual world. If you can suggest wrongs and keep it in good spirit, without complaint, then, you can conquer your enemy and win the fight. For the man if God reading this, it is almost a different case for you. You have to preach to God’s people and preaching also means that God helps you through anointing to know the people’s hearts better than they themselves do. It is not a one way street. It concerns the pastor the same way it concerns the church member. Our generation of Christians wants to be “free” but, true Christianity is built on the Bible and the Bible is the enemy of all pretence.

Dear one, go deep into the call of a deeper life.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter

Many things may confuse you, others are just hard to swallow. Even from the scriptures, some passages are difficult to understand. This is the truth. It is this. If you don’t know what a difficult passage means, you should at least know what it does not mean. If you don’t know what this blog post means, at least, you should know, what it doesn’t mean. At the least, it doesn’t not mean christians should see the world as a playground, it does not mean that the spiritual world is difficult to grasp or understand nor does it mean that the Christian life is always easy.

Dear reader, if you agree this blog post doesn’t mean any of these, please, feel free to interpret what this blog post means to you in the comment section.


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