I know you will agree with me that one of the most fearful questions people wonder about, yet, don’t speak about is what happens to a person when they die. We will expect most people to live these days beyond 50 years of more, it is a different kind of tragedy when we attend the funeral of a 20 years old girl. The burning question remains “what happens in the first five seconds after a person dies”. If we want to find out about life after death, the best points to consider are the ones from someone who comes from eternity. First, let us consider the common case of poor Lazarus and the rich man. This story will help us have an ultimate understanding of what happens after death.



Just before anything else, let us establish that the issue in the story of Lazarus and the rich man is never about the wealth or poverty of either party. The issue is about the state of the people’s heart, the condition of their inner life, which is the exact thing God also looks out for in us. The problem with the rich man was his heart. His heart was without compassion for people, nothing moves his heart for people and he had no concern for people, especially, Lazarus. We can be sure that we can establish the difference between the rich man and Lazarus. The lack of compassion and a hear for the people from the rich man suggests that he did not have a personal relationship with God. Lazarus was poor, but, he had a relationship with God. Nothing in this story suggests that wealth or poverty determines eternity. There are so many explanation about what next after death, but, one is true. Some believe that the dead are just floating around, others believe that they become a start and they are looking down on us right now. you don’t know anything at all about eternity, you should know that there is full awareness in eternity. You see, it is that consciousness, that awareness, that divine and eternal understanding that makes life in eternity either bearable or tormenting. This exact eternal consciousness is the next point we will consider.
Whatever the false assumptions are, the next point will open the veil.


Another major truth you need to understand is that you are not your physical body. You are a spirit being. You live in a body and when you die, the Bible says your spirit leaves your body and you have a final out of body experience. When a person dies, they become aware as they leave their body that they are leaving this realm. Like Lazarus, if a person dies knowing God and having faith in Christ, the angels usher them into the presence of Jesus Christ, but a person like the rich man experiences quite a different story. First, the rich man did not just find himself in hell, he was conscious of the situation. Look at it from this point of view, he was in torment. In hell, he had eyes, he could see and recognize Abraham (Even though, he didn’t know Abraham on earth), he talks about Lazarus dipping the tip of his finger in water and cooling his tongue. At the same time, he wanted father Abraham to send someone from the dead to talk to his brethren. What does this suggest to you? Think about it. DEATH does not stop EXISTENCE. Listen! If you die, it doesn’t mean you stop existing. Okay. Yes. You stop existing. Calm down! You stop existing on earth. Death is just a separation from your body, separation from the people you love, separation from this earth. This is the reason why the people who love you grieve. Death separates you from their realm!

So, what next?

Jesus alone gives accurate account of life after death. Even if someone comes from the dead, some people will still not believe the reality of heaven and hell after death. This is the reason why we have many life-changing opportunities like restore relationship to God through Jesus Christ.
All in all, if you are not part of the brotherhood, I invite you to the family of love. You can welcome Jesus into your life by saying these short sentences.
Lord Jesus, today, I confess you as my Lord and Savior and I pray that you will continue to be my forever guide till eternity. Amen.
Congratulations. See you in the comment section. Shalom!

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