It is obvious we can agree that you know a lot about attitude. You can remember the girl or boy with “attitude.” Sometimes when people say someone has “attitude” or this person gives attitude, it’s always that the individual has a bad character or does not respond well to situations and circumstances, but, another thing is that some people still have the “good attitude.”
The way attitude influences circumstances and situations, it is obvious that now “talent is not enough.” Someone with a great talent, but a bad attitude will create a bad team and attitude will create a bad team and attitude is really about how a person is that overflows into how he acts. You will agree with me that attitude determines :

  • Approach to life
  • Relationship with people
  • The difference between success and failure.

Although attitude forms from our personality and environment, people can change their attitude – if they want to. All you need to do to change your attitude is to evaluate your present attitude, write down what you desire to accomplish, then, get an accountable partner that encourages you to strive to change your attitude. The way the pattern of attitude works, it all has its foundation in your thought pattern and habit, but, the perfect bottom line is that you can change your attitude if you want to change it.

Again, a fact about attitude that looks contradictory is that obstacles or adversities do improve attitude. This is it. Reason it. Adversity creates resilience, maturity, innovation and motivation for attitude.
Failure may want to affect your good attitude, but the good attitude you need to have is to see failure as temporary and learn to bounce back. Whatever you define as success does not have to relate to your possession of power, wealth, a special feeling or achievement. Failing at something does not mean you are a failure. Success is knowing your purpose, growing into your potential, sowing seeds that benefit others and dedication to continual improvement.
Attitude influences all aspects of your life. Attitude influences you as a leader. Attitude impacts you as a follower. Attitude controls you as a subordinate. Note that you may be smart with your academics or with your talents, but the ingredient for your growth and development is your attitude. Your right attitude.

It is all about attitude.

Yes. A straight talk on attitude.
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