It is obvious you believe God still leads people right? It is glaring that you will agree with me that God leads people, but he has his ways of leading people. Some persons hear God with so much speed and accuracy, they have the assurance of God’s direction and instructions and the way they do it with so much ease is amazing. With so much accuracy, you can hear Bishop David Oyedepo say things like:
“God said to me, the harvest of Africa is overripe. Rush in and preserve it from decadence.”
I know you will agree with me that most times it is not just about divine instructions, it is the precision and assurance they have from God. It is normal to desire this supernatural blessing of divine instruction. Thanks to God, Bishop Oyedepo now drops the secrets to understanding divine direction

  • Discover God’s plan
  • Understand the dynamics of direction
  • Locate God’s direction


Man, even in his best mental state is not capable of making reliable decision. The way our God works, he works as a God of plan and purpose. He sets a race for each of us to run on earth. This is the way the cycle of God’s plan works. The choice of the particular race before you is not yours to make, but it is yours to discover. A discovery of where God prepares for you or assigns for you is your vision. God does not design everyone to be in business, neither does he expect everybody to be in government or in ministry. You may digress to other sectors that God does not assign to you, but you will not have your complete shine there. If you give in to ambition, rather than vision, you are not going to give God the responsibility to direct you. God does not sponsor what he does not originate. God directs only those he assigns.


You see the way the whole concept of vision and divine direction work is amazing. Vision is the unfolding of God’s master plan, whereas direction is the steps you take to accomplish it. God can lead you to preach, that can be your calling or vision, but the “how to” go about the preaching becomes the foundation for divine direction. Divine direction is as significant as the subject of vision. Your vision may set the pace for direction, but direction is what makes your vision a reality. Even if you have a vision from heaven, a vison from heaven without a divine direction ends in frustration. You have the mandate without the approach. Go with this rule of thumb. Every of your life decision should always be traceable to specific instructions you receive from God.


There are two major ways you can receive God’s divine direction. First is the word of God, then, the voice of the Spirit. Let’s consider it this way. There are specific instructions you will get straight from the word of God. Let us take this as an example. The Bible gives you an instruction to be diligent.

“Seest thou a man diligent n his business he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men.”

Even with this kind of specific instruction, the Bible doesn’t give instructions on how many employees you should hire for your company or the specific job you should do. So, how do you know these things? You know them by the voice of the Spirit. The voice of the Spirit is the cheapest way up. The Spirit speaks and giving significant attention to the voice pf the Spirit is a great step to achieving success in life. The voice of the Spirit works hand in hand with the word of God. It gives you the direction while the word if God authenticate that direction.
Let me drop a free bonus for you.
Sometimes, you can be unsure if you are on the right path, but there is an “acid test” you can perform on your own to attest that your decision is the right one to make. The test is a combination of peace and progress. If these two tests are accurate, then you are pursuing God’s perfect plan for your life.
Take a 10 seconds break from this blog post and ask yourself a sincere question. For the past 4 years, do you feel God’s peace for what you claim to call God’s direction? Are you making any significant progress at all?

Dear amazing reader,

This blog post is not for you if you are not a son of God. God has the responsibility to direct only those that are his children. Although, meekness, faith, fellowship with the Holy Spirit, quietness, the love walk, openness, worship/praise are other prerequisites to divine direction, the utmost requirement to divine direction, is to be the son of God.
It will be a nice idea to mention some of the benefits of divine direction to you, but you can see a physical demonstration of the benefits of divine direction in the life and ministry of Bishop David Oyedepo.
See you in the comment section.
Till next week, God’s peace!

Blog post inspiration: Understanding God’s direction by Bishop David Oyedepo
Need soft copy? Get it here.


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