‘My father has a drinking problem and my mother just lost her job. The bills are driving me crazy. I am really trying, but, right now, even God knows that everything tires me.

Does this sound familiar?

A resounding sound? The tick-tock. The nervous clocking of your heart.

May be,

Your own concern is not about a drinking father.


The incurable diagnosis your doctor tells you.


The fear of divorce that is knocking on your marriage.

However you put it,

You can sum it up that you have your worries.


You begin to worry. You start to execute the emotion of your will because you are afraid.

Stick with me for 1 minute 42 seconds.

Let us discuss two antidotes to worry. The outstanding ways to live your best life without tension.

  • Get loose
  • Focus on Truth


Today, we are not going to argue if you have faith or you don’t have faith. Pick this. You have faith. You know you do. I agree that you have faith. This is where the problem lies. You do nothing with your faith. I can almost hear you asking. What should I do with my faith? Lose your faith in God. Again, you ask how. See this illustration. Your faith is like a boat. It is very useless when it is not in water. Look at it this way too. If you punch a hole in your boat, you allow the water to pour in, and the same water which makes your boat float will make it sink. Your faith is like a boat, a powerful safe boat that will keep you on top of worry. If you don’t use your faith, it is like punching a hole in your boat. You can build a boat by building something. Releasing your faith is doing something too. IT IS BELIEVING RIGHT. RIGHT BELIEVING. It is true that you believe, but, release that belief to GOD. Let that belief be in GOD. That is, releasing and losing your faith in God.

There is something that can help you with that too.


You see, one thing is sure. Worry comes by looking at the circumstances and conditions as they are at the present. Anytime you view it this way, the problems will always look bigger than the solution. But, this is the opposite side of the same coin. The facts you face every day are not the truth. It is what it is. They are facts. Just one thing is true. THE WORD OF GOD. The fact may be that you have cancer, but the truth says, by his stripes, you get to have your healing already. (1st Peter 2:24). The fact may be that you have many financial bills to attend to every month, but, the truth is that God is capable of supplying all your needs according to his riches in glory by Jesus Christ. (Philippians 4:19). You see, read this with full attention and give yourself time to comprehend of the word. God is absolute. As a person, sometimes, you may be less than yourself, but God is never less of himself. He is the one. The ONLY ONE.  The EVERYTHING. You can trust him. Yes, you can.

Hear the full rhythm to the music.

The devil says, its either you compromise your faith in God or he destroys you with the problem you are facing.


Again, God is absolute. Let worry and fear lose their power. Leave the devil to roar. The clouds are lifting. The dawn is breaking. Jesus is indwelling in you by his Spirit. We are on the March of Faith. The angels surround us. God overshadows us and below us are the everlasting arms.

God bless you.


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