To motivate people

Which of these statements do you agree with?

  • You can predict your future.
  • Favor supports the bold.
  • You decide what you want in life.
  • Life’s is all about your choice.

If you agree with the first two, this blog post is for you. If you accept the other two statements, you should also take your time to explore this article.

Do you know an indisputable fact? You are a sum total of what you learn from every teacher you encounter, both great and small and your agreement to this statement will lay the good foundation for you to understand why we are all waiting for you.

Let us start with the free gift of God to everyone of us. God has a plan for everyone, including you. Do you ever think you are a mistake or sometimes the challenges of life make you wish yourself death? Despite all these challenges you face, we are still waiting for you because God hides your personality inside obscurity in order to protect you from death before your time. Do you know why? Because you not empty! Come on. Look at it this way. God does not leave anyone empty. Check Moses. Moses had the rod. Samson had unusual might and Joseph had the ability to interpret dreams. As long as you are God’s creation, then, you are not empty. Although, only God knows your real capacity in life, one of the worst things that can happen to you is to under-live, under-perform or under release your life’s potential-abilities and capabilities.


Do you even have an idea of where you belong? You will agree with me that you are alive to solve a problem, but, how do you identify or discover your place? Communicate with your manufacturer. Talk with God. No one understands Facebook like Mark Zuckerberg. No one can analyse Ford automobiles like Sir Henry Ford. Although, your potential can link you to your purpose, you can also know where you belong from knowing the source of your maximum joy and excitement. Ask yourself, what makes you tick? What will you do without stress and do free of charge? Think about that for more than a minute and decide not to die without fulfilling purpose and following God’s pathway for your life. Even with that, you can not leave everything to your purpose.

That’s not all.

Do you remember your answer at the beginning of this article? Life is all about your choice. In this case, make the decision to work on yourself. Talent is not enough! You have the gift, but, it is also important you work on yourself till you begin to excel in your area of gifting. You know it, but, you should remind yourself that training precedes reigning. You can only become effective and efficient when you increase your understanding and knowledge of both the word of God and the work of your hands. Come on. Learn. Read. Reign. Prosper. Shine! Discipline yourself everyday and bloooooooom. Tell yourself the limitations you give yourself. Bitterness? Hatred? Rejection? Gender discrimination? Marital status? Age? Your background? Your past? Fear? Failure? Name it!

So, what’s your excuse now?

You are not a failure until you look for whom to blame for it. You don’t have any excuse if you don’t manifest in your generation.Yes, this is another article to motivate you. You don’t want motivation? Ok. Do you want an article that will discourage you? Add to your fears and your doubts?

Stop it!

You are not reading this post by mistake. Every word in this post is intentional. It is for you. Wake up! The world is waiting for you. We are waiting for you and I am also waiting for you in the comment section.

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