How eager are you to understand the mystery of divine healing?

“I keep praying and I am still praying. I go to healing meetings all over the country and ministers pray for me many times, but still, I am not getting my healing, what more can I do?”

Does this statement sound familiar? Does it sound like something you are familiar with? You know what it is all about right? You know the many questions already. How does divine healing work? What does it take to experience divine healing? Is it all about faith? Why do some get their healing and others don’t? The answers are the secrets everyone begs to know and they are the exact things this blog post will tell you.

First, you will know the reason healing does not come and then you will how to possess the promise of healing. Those answers will respond to the burning questions in your heart.



Do you ever think about it that the many obstacles to divine healing go beyond faith? Wait. Don’t assume. This is not to say faith is not a requirement for divine healing, but, do you ever consider that there may be other factors to consider when it comes to divine healing? There is more to healing than anointing with oil, just as there is more to salvation than prayer. You see, the anointing oil, the minister’s prayer, and the laying on of hands are simply methods or points of contact. In themselves, they don’t heal; they are just avenues through which you can release in God’s word. There are healings you can obtain through supernatural gifts or manifestations and those you can obtain by exercising faith in God’s word.  Although the minister is not the operator of the supernatural gifts, they only manifest through the minister. You see, this is how it works; the spiritual gifts of healing advertise the gospel to gain the attention of those outside the church. God expects those already inside the church to exercise their faith in the word of God. This is the reason some who are pillars in the church often suffer for years while others who are less devout receive a sudden miracle from God and they get their healing. Despite this fact, not all strangers get healing, you know why already. Even the supernatural gift of healing that can restore the sinner to God doesn’t operate at the minister’s will; it operates as the spirit wills.


Isn’t it obvious that the next step is to find the right path to divine healing? If it is true that divine healing exists, then how do we possess it? First, let us establish a truth. The laying on of hands alone will not heal you. There is more to laying on of hands than its role in healing. Do you remember that leaders in the New Testament church laid hands on men to ordain them into the ministry? Although laying on of hands is a biblical principle, the reason ministers are less successful in it is because we all make a practice out of it without the accompanying preaching and teaching of God’s word. You will agree with me that there is a practice to line people up, lay hand on them, and pray for them. Some may get their healing, others do not. This is because people need faith to get their healing. Wait. Do you know the way to this? A minister can be able to perceive faith the way Apostle Paul is always able to know if a sick person has faith to get the healing. Sometimes, you may not get your healing on the spot, but, the more you keep going back to the services, the more you keep building up your faith that will lead to your manifestation. You should read that again. Sometimes, a minister may lay hands on you and you can sense the power of God go through you as an electricity, but without faith on your part, you will not possess your wholeness. Healing is not all on God, you also have a role to play.

So, how do you obtain the gift of healing?

The healing prayer is successful when you base it on God’s word. In the mind of God, healing is available for every man the same way salvation is available for every man. As a believer, you may make the mistake to believe that if God wants you to have something; he will give it to you.


It is your duty to get into the word of God and find out what belongs to you. If God promises you something, he makes provision for it in his word; all you have to do then is to grab it.

Hear the conclusion of the whole matter; healing is a gift, like salvation, Jesus pays for it at Calvary. All you need to do is to accept it, possess it and it belongs to you. You see, one of the best realities you can come into as a child of God is to know, accept and possess your healing.


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