How will you define a spectacular wife? Or let us put it this way, what is your definition of a good wife? Her cooking skills? Her beauty? Her ability to relate to her husband? Or her sexual power? Do you consider her dress sense too? You can take a moment to think about it. Who will you call a spectacular wife? Or, can you classify yourself as a spectacular wife? You will agree with me that the demands of a spectacular wife are high. Sometimes, it depends on the type of husband. You will agree with me that different husband types express different strengths and weaknesses. Let us examine it this way. The providing husband will stop at nothing to provide for you, but, he may also be a workaholic. The rock husband will always be your emotional stronghold, but, he will not always open up to you. The thinking husband will always organize and plan ahead, but, you may clash on what to do and the order to do it. The free spirit husband will make you laugh and be an inspiration to you, but, he has a tendency to find companionship tiring. The believing husband will do all he can to adhere to social standards, but he has a tendency to take traditionalism too far and expect things from you that you may not be happy to deliver.

Are you getting something already? Although there may be different husbands with different characteristics, there are certain attributes that make a lady a spectacular wife irrespective of your type of husband. These three secrets are amazing strategies that are not popular but are necessary to make a good wife.

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Companionship and Sex


Communication is and remains at the forefront of any relationship. Including yours. Wait. Hold on. Not just communication, but effective communication that enables you to speak in love, and forbids you from bringing up the past. There is another significant point you need to pay attention to when it comes to the matter of communication in marriage. The issue of timing. If you want to discuss important things with your spouse, timing is key. Try as much as possible to get the timing. Don’t talk about serious matters when your husband is in a very bad mood. Let us use this as a case study, if your husband has a bad day at work, don’t try to talk to him about having a child after he comes back from work. This is the trick to effective communication, waiting for the best timing, will get the best results from both of you. Apart from this, make sure your husband is listening. This is it, although some people claim that men have a short attention span, but don’t let us generalize. When you discuss a matter of little significance such as what color of curtains you should get, your husband may not be listening. Your husband may have trouble concentrating when you are discussing curtain textiles just as you may have trouble concentrating when he is discussing football highlights with you. That apart, you should learn the attitude of straight-talking. Men are not mind readers and a mistake you can make as a wife is to assume that your husband should know what is going on in your mind. Sometimes, just save yourself the emotional drama and just go straight to the point when talking with your husband. After you say all, make sure you have time to listen to his comments about the matter too. Everything you say is in a way, your opinion, and once you finish, it is your husband’s turn to state his opinion and it is your turn to listen to him without interruption. This, itself, is a major attribute of a spectacular wife, but, as you can guess, it doesn’t end there. There are more strategies you need to know.


Misunderstandings and arguments are always how the depreciation of marriage starts. Do you know the funniest thing we can both agree on? In marriage, there will always be matters to argue over, from big problems such as children, financial changes, a place to settle, moving away, or how many children to have. Do you know another truth about arguments in marriage? Arguments can be as petty as dinner choices, clothes to wear, or the color of curtains. Don’t divide your attention here. There is another secret you need to be aware of now. You see those petty arguments, they may seem irrelevant, but, what they are under the surface are tiny bits of resentment that grow little by little with every new argument. You see, if you wish to be a spectacular wife, you must not allow resentment in your marriage and you must learn not to sweat over the small stuff. Check out these tips on conflict resolution. The first thing you should remember is to analyze how important the subject of the argument is and how long its impact may last on your marriage. For example, buying a new car without consulting your souse may cause trouble and may have a longer impact on your marriage. Now, compare it to small decisions such as deciding what to have for dinner. Do you get the point? At all times too, you need to be empathetic and accept your spouse. Don’t get it wrong. You can accept your spouse in love, in a fit of rage, you need to always remember that you are not the only person in the argument. avoid statements that will trigger your husband in a negative way and add fire to the heat of the argument. Take this as a cap. You can resolve every conflict with honesty as well as respect to your husband.


The best way for you to achieve complete and total companionship is to be best friends with your husband. You know what this is talking about. Best friends that open up and say everything to each other without having to worry about judgment. However, there is another aspect, you need to consider. Good companionship does not mean that you are always together every waking moment, sometimes, it can mean that you allow your spouse, in this case, your husband, a sense of freedom to be with his friends, explore new things, or work on a project on his laptop. You see the part of sex; it will be easier when you are close best friends with your husband. However, you can take note of these important strategies when it comes to the matter of sex. How do you maintain or try to achieve romance when you have a family, let us say it in clear terms when you have kids around. Smiles. Are you laughing too? Well, let us start from the power of dates. Just because you marry each other does not mean you have to stop dating each other. Try to schedule a date every week where it is just both of you and you talk about your plans and your goals. You can go to the museum, beach, or anywhere that brings out the young child in both of you. Do you know the interesting part of this; you can be adventurous when it comes to sex. You can try new things, new sex positions, you can send the children away to grandma or go to a hotel and enjoy yourselves. If it works for you, you can also try having a sex schedule. Make dates for sex and the time. The goal is just for you to be romantic and spend time together. Say it again. Companionship and sex!

Okay. Let’s crown it together. The icing to the cake of this whole discussion is gratitude.

There is nothing that can be very sweet to your marriage like the spirit of gratitude, yes; a wife may give companion, good communication, empathy, and amazing conflict resolution. Do you know the best way to crown this? Be grateful to your husband. Thank him for providing for the family; tell him what a great dad he is and give him genuine compliments. This is a complete recipe to be a good wife. Follow these steps and have the happiest, the best, and most fulfilling adventure of your life. See you in the comment section.

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