How does it feel to wake up in the morning to hear almost the same message for more than ten years? The same information with the specific message. Wait! Does it bore you to hear the mind talk every day? Let me mention some of the things we hear.

“Your mind is a powerful weapon”

“You control your mind you control your destiny”

“Your thoughts are the building blocks of your life”

You can add yours, but I know you get the gist. For clarity sake, there are too many information about the supernatural power of your mind and your thoughts. So, do you think they are lying? Or what do you expect to read from this blog post?

Well, let me open the veil for you. The consistent thoughts you have in your mind is the ultimate and supernatural factor that controls your world. Let us continue this way:

  • Your mind and your circumstances
  • Your mind and your health
  • Your mind and your purpose


First of all, let us establish one truth: your mind is like a garden which you have the duty to cultivate. If your put useful seeds into it or useless seeds, be sure it’ll produce its kind. Your circumstance, either good or bad, is dependent on the quality of thoughts you allow in your mind. Calm down, before you crucify me. Don’t divide your attention at this crucial point. This blog post does not imply that every negative circumstance is as a result of negative thoughts, but consistent levels of negative thoughts in your mind have to capacity to create negative circumstances. In cases where you’re anxious to improve your circumstance but you’re unwilling to improve yourself, you remain bound. However, if you focus on improving yourself, you will soon discover that your circumstances will change accordingly. The key is to remember that you’re not a “victim” of life but a “student” of life.


The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of your mind whether you choose them with intention or you choose them by mistake. If you observe, any time you have unlawful thoughts, it becomes easier for your body to sink into disease and decay, but at the command of glad and beautiful thoughts, you clothe your body with youthfulness and beauty. If you want to protect your body, guard your mind. If you wish to renew your body, beautify your mind. Thoughts of malice, envy, anger and jealousy will rob your body of its health and grace. If you continue to live in thoughts of ill will, cynicism and suspicion, you will confine yourself to a prison hole with the keys in your hand. With great hope, this blog post should minister confidence and not fear into you. Round this point up with this: your body is a delicate instrument that responds to the thoughts that you have in your mind which in turn create habits with their own effects, either good or bad.


This is a very crucial point. Until you link the thoughts in your mind with purpose, there will be no intelligent accomplishments. To put away aimlessness and weakness is to begin to think in line with purpose and enter the rank of the strong ones who know that failure is one of the pathways to attainment. After conceiving your purpose, you should mark out a mental map that puts into consideration your doubts, fears, strengths and vulnerabilities. Make every effort to exclude your doubts and fears from your thought pattern. I guess you know why already. Your doubts and fears render and break up your straight line of efforts. Doubts and fears will never allow you accomplish anything; they will always lead to failure. In contrast, thoughts that are in favour of your purpose become a creative force. Smile. I see you smiling. You know the positive thoughts I’m talking about.

Dear smiling reader, I’m glad you’re reading up to this point. What more can I say? Don’t let the mind talk be tiring to you. Observe every spectacular person in the world: they all have one thing in common. They take control of their mind. Do you remember the sayings of the Holy book? “As a man thinketh in his heart,….”. In case you don’t remember, check Proverbs 23:7. Another thing, we may not talk about this part today, but guard your mind with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of your circumstances, your health and your purpose.

See you in the comments section. Shalom.

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