Hello sweet one 🥰🥰🥰.

Happy New Year in advance.
I know you are doing your best to prepare for the new year.
It is very obvious from the way you are eager to meet your targets and goals.
Of course,
it is not always very easy to get the results you desire.
like me, I know you are a strong and persistent person who will not give up.
there is a major clause.
The whole game of success is changing and the future is becoming more unpredictable. You know what I am talking about. The table is changing. Like the people of old, the Esthers are now replacing the Queen Vashtis and abundance is beginning to overshadow the famine in Samaria.
Are you with me?
You still don’t understand what I am talking about?
Let me open the veil with Daniel’s words:

He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding!
He reveals the deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him!
(Daniel 2:21-22)

Do you get it now?
The changing times and seasons are in God’s hands, but you can influence the result by maximizing the changing times and seasons.
You ask how?
This is the exact secret this blog post will expose to you.

You can maximize the changing times and seasons by:

  • Living with purpose
  • Serving God
  • Refusing idols


Without much ado, purpose is the specific assignment God gives you to fulfill within your stay on earth. You know, sometimes, figuring out your purpose can be demanding and exhausting. Especially, when you see and hear others who are sure of their purpose. This is the trick. Even if you are yet to find your exact purpose on earth, make sure everything you are doing at the present brings glory to God. That, in itself is one of the ultimate purposes that you cannot be wrong about. A life without purpose is like a ship without a rudder. Although, life is not a competition, I know you will agree with me that those who follow the crowd will eventually get lost in the crowd. If you don’t follow the purpose of God for yourself, you are in the crowd. Hear this. Every time you live with purpose, you are living right and this guarantees you the presence of God anytime.


Your decision to serve God is a major secret to maximizing the changing times and seasons. Don’t divide your attention here. There is an acceptable way to serving God. It is impossible to serve God without serving one another. Do you know? We can’t see God with our physical eyes, but, we can see others who are in the image of God himself. Let me open the curtain further. You see, to serve God requires some basic requirements. Let me put it this way. You cannot serve God without increasing your knowledge of God. This is to say, for you to serve God appropriately; you must be a good student of the bible who obeys the instructions of the Bible to the letter. Plus, do you know another mystery that is not common? One of the greatest rewards you will ever receive for serving God is the privilege to still do more for him. Go ahead and serve God more this new year.


You see this coming year, refuse idols. Yes, idols. An idol is anything that comes first before God in your heart, if you want to maximize the changing times and seasons, refuse anything that takes up the place of God in your heart this season. I know you will agree with me that an idol can be such things as your mobile phone, your academics, even the clothes in your wardrobe. It can be more tangible things like your spouse, your job or the money you have. I know you get the trick. Make sure you refuse idols by all means if you want to maximize the changing times and seasons. There are ways you can build stamina to refuse idols. Out of many ways, the basic ones are the study of God’s word, surrounding yourself with people of like minds, praying without ceasing and rejoicing in God always. Worry no more, you will do exploit this New Year.

You see, this is the conclusion of the whole matter. It is the end of the year and a beginning of a New Year, some people will start to make many New Year resolutions, and others begin to write down new goals. None of these is bad in itself. You can do these amazing strategies too. In fact, I recommend you do. Nevertheless, if you want to be outstanding, I suggest you don’t lose sight of the changing times and seasons. If you are able to maximize the times and seasons, I can guarantee you a New Year full of fulfillment.
As my New Year gift to you, please download this free practical workbook to plan your goals for the New Year here:


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