How many lectures do you hear on marriage? I mean, different books, different authors, different writers. It’s like everyone has something to say about relationships or marriage. Like you already know, it is not a bad idea to hear from the experts about marriage or relationships, as long as you are sure that this person is an expert on the topic of marriage and relationships. If you consider the many materials on this topic, it is beyond doubt that Kingsley and Mildred Okonwo are experts in the marriage field. You don’t need me to loud their mastery in this area, but, if you need more evidence, you need this blog most more than any other person. The A-Z recipe for a perfect marriage.
First, although, the A-Z recipe applies to both the man and the woman. Some specific letters apply more to you. So, my suggestion? Don’t divide your attention at any point of this post. You will get astounding value for your time.


• A for Acceptance.
Every man wants his wife to accept him for who he is and not for who she hopes he could be. As his wife, try to avoid bothering and arguing about everything he does. Until you learn to accept his flaws, you can not begin to encourage him to change one step at a time.
• B for Beauty
Men are moved by what they see. Always make an effort to look beautiful for your husband. Not every woman is a natural fashionista but you can learn basic color mixtures and what looks good on your body class.
• C for Challenge
This way, you can challenge your husband to be a better version of himself in a way that doesn’t threaten his ego as a man. You can go to God in prayers and ask for wisdom to gently guide him in the right direction.
• D for Devotion
Have a personal devotion to your husband’s prosperity. After God, try as much as possible to make your husband your everything. Of course, after God.
• E for Encouragement
A man needs massive amount of encouragement. Encourage your husband through the rough time, let him know you are with him and you will do anything to see hum go higher.
• F for friendship.
A man wants a wife that will be his friend. A friend is someone he can play with, talk to, open up to, and manipulate in his online games. Be his close friend.

• G Grateful
Men love women that are grateful. Don’t be without thanks. For everything your husband does, give him his thanks and be grateful to him.

• H for Help
This is the major reason God created you. He created you to be your husband’s help meet. In all areas, be his help financially, emotionally and spiritually. Be God’s help meet.

• I for Intelligence
Beauty can attract a man to you, but, only your intelligence will sustain him. Almost a whole chapter of the Bible talks about a lady’s intelligence. You may need to go through it.

• J for Jovial.
As a wife, don’t be your husband’s mummy. He has someone taking that role already. Try as much as possible to make him laugh too. Don’t be too serious while with him. Don’t stop him form playing his games, be his motivator. Encourage him to visit his friends too. Come on. Laugh with him.
• K for Kempt
Most men like clean women. As a wife, cleanliness is not negotiable. Wash your clothes, put on neat clothes, take your bath twice daily. Clean the kitchen. Don’t be a dirty wife.
• L for loyalty.
Loyalty comes by giving your husband the full assurance that you are for and with him in every situation. Loyalty means you stand with him during the good and during the bad times. Are you loyal to your husband even in your thought?
• M for Meekness
Meekness means you are eager to learn and willing to change. A man will also prefer a woman that is teachable all round, not a woman who proves to know all every time.
• N for Nourish
Men like good food. You remember that saying? The say to a man’s heart is through his belly. That saying is very true. Your ability to cook your husband good food is a major bonus to you. If you can have this quality, you are walking in the proper path of a good home.
• O for Ovation
If your husband doesn’t deserve your ovation, I wonder who else should deserve it. Don’t try to kill your husband’s ego, instead, fan it. Honor him in public and praise him in private. Every time, give him the assurance that he has your full support.
• P for pray.
As his wife, part of your duty is to find out what your spouse’s dreams are at each point of his life and help him in prayers. Pray for him without grudges in your heart, love him and offer his requests to God. After all, Gid blessing him is similar to Gid blessing you.

• Q for Quiet
Every man wants to have a personal time. Don’t deny your husband the personal time he needs. He needs his own time to think and revitalize. Don’t deny him his time.

• R For Respect
Respect is one of the major needs of your man. The best way to respect your husband is on the basis of his own terms and not yours. You prove your respect to him on the basis of what respect means to him, not on what you think it should be to him.
• S for Sex
Every man wants sex. Sex is like food to him. Give him enough of it. Don’t deny your husband sex. It is like denying him a good food. He can never have too much sex. Don’t make him feel bad for demanding for sex.
• T for Trust
A man needs to trust his wife. Let your husband be comfortable to give you his phone password without stress. Let him feel comfortable talking to you without fear of hearing all he says in the neighborhood. Let him feel comfortable trusting you.
• U for unity
Unity is key in marriage. Two are better than one. The more you agree with your husband, the more you receive quick answers to your prayers and the faster you will achieve your plans.
• V for virtuous
A virtuous woman is the only one that crowns her husband. She advises, loves and equip her husband without crucifying his actions. A whole chapter of the Bible elaborates on this. You can check it out.
• W for wise woman
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. A wise woman exhibits sound judgement and is capable of handling sensitive marital issues with God’s wisdom.
• X for X- factor
The X-factor is that characteristics that attracts you to your spouse. It is the characteristic that distinguishes your spouse from every other man. It is the factor you should always cultivate and grow.
• Y for Yield
Be submissive to your husband even when you don’t agree to his plans. The best you can do is to oray for him and support him through his plans.

• Z for Zest

Be energetic. Come on. Be active. Every man wants his wife to be industrious and hard working. Don’t sit around watching TV all day. Do something else. Something meaningful actually.


• A for attention.
Every woman wants attention. She wants you to notice her. She wants you to switch off that TV and speak to her. She wants to know that she matters to you. So, fill her love tank with attention.
• B for Brave
Every woman wants a man that can protect her. Protect your wife from your mother if the need arises. Be brave enough to protect your wife from every form of danger. That in itself is a form of love.
• C for Compliment her
Women will never get tired of hearing nice compliments from you. Every time, tell her how beautiful her hair is, give her sincere comments about how delicious her meal is and how much you appreciate it.
• D for Desire
More than you desire your video games and your friends, a major way you can show love to your wife is to desire her above all, except God. Hold her, kiss her and initiate sex. Don’t leave her to do everything.
• E for Empathy
Straight talk. To be a woman is hard enough. Menstrual cramps and , motherhood. A woman needs a man that can at least, feel for her. A man that can ease the burden and rub her tired feet.
• F for Foreplay.
When it comes to sex, men are like gas burners, while women are like slow burners. As a man, try to touch your woman, tease her. Always remember that sex begins in the kitchen.
• G for Generous
No woman wants a stingy man, try to be very generous to your spouse. You don’t have to break the bank to prove tour generosity. Be generous with your body, your money and your time.
• H for Humor
As the husband, you may not be a comedian or someone who makes everyone laughs, but, someone you must never stop making joyful is your wife. Even when your jokes are dried, make sure she is laughing to them.
• I for Intimacy.
At this point, you can guess what intimacy means to your wife. Be free to your wife. Give her the attention. Let her be able to talk to you always.
• J for Just
Women love men that are just, men with sound judgement, men who are able to make accurate decisions between their wives and their relatives. This factor alone spells love to a woman.
• K for Kind Gestures
Dear husband, be kind enough to your wife. Don’t always sit down and except everything done for you. Help her with the laundry. That’s kindness. Help with the children’s homework, that is another warm gesture. Be kind. Be a good husband that loves his wife.

• L for Leadership.
A leader is provides, protects and presides. As a good leader, your duty is to nurture your wife to be the best she can be. Give her the confidence she needs and watch her submit under you. Prove that you are capable of leading her by submitting first to the leadership of Christ.
• M for Money.
Love is sweet, but, it is sweeter when they is money. There is no romance without finance. In my words, I will say, romance is difficult without finance. There are some marital problems that oy money can solve. As the head of the family, it is part of your duty to provide for the family. Don’t falter.
• N for Non sexual touch
Dear husband, don’t just touch your wife when you need sex. Be deliberate about touching her. Be comfortable with touching her body, kissing her, pecking her, romancing her. This in itself can lead to the other thing you want.
• O for Open and Honest Communication
Too many times, you may feel the temptation to hide many information from your wife, your marriage will not thrive that way. She is your wife, not your baby sister. Be comfortable opening up to her before anyone else. She is your help meet.
• P for Participation
Your wife wants to be part of your success. Don’t be an absentee husband. Don’t be too busy for your wife and your children. Don’t let your job take all your time. Make your family a part of your success.
• Q for Quality Time.
As the husband, give your wife your attention without dividing it. Anytime she needs you, you can see your TV program later. Drop the remote control and give her the attention she needs. Give her time that is valuable to you.
• R for Romance

Romance is not the expensive things you do, but the simple things you do for your spouse in an amazing way. It can be a date out in the cinema or a lunch you prepare for her.
• S for Security
One of the assurances a woman needs is security. We wants you to secure her spiritually, emotionally, physically. Right in your arms, your wife want to have all the security she needs.
• T for Transparent
Be transparent enough with your spouse. Let her know all your businesses you are involved in. Tell her your means of income. Don’t keep secrets from your wife.
• U for Understanding
Too many times, you many want your wife to understand you. Don’t forget that she also wants you to understand her. When she says she’s tired, don’t just hear and say okay. Be understanding enough to hear out and don’t crucify her with her actions.

• V for vison
Every woman wants a woman with visions and dreams. As a man, you should be the prophet of your home. The only way to make a woman follow you is for your o know where you are going.
• W for working man
A responsible husband is the one who takes his work serious. His spiritual work does not lag behind, his financial work is intact and he creates a balance in his work life.
• X for X-factor
The X-factor is the exact characteristics that stands out to you in your wife. This is the attribute you should promote and cultivate to see more of it. It is the unique thing about your spouse.
• Y for Yearn
The same way you feel when your woman hugs you when you come back from work is the same manner a woman wants you to love her. She wants you to yearn for her presence. Don’t deny her the sweetness.
• Z for Zeal
Zeal is all about how the love of your wife consumes you. The zeal that makes you think about her always, the zeal you have for her will always make you think about better ways to make her happy. Are you zealous for your spouse?

How do you want me to package the summary of the A-Z recipe? Everything relates to each other. Don’t pick one against the other. This recipe is all you need to have a perfect marriage. The marriage of your dreams is possible. See you in the comment section.

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