How many times do you wake up very blank without an idea? I mean, you don’t even have an idea of what to eat talk more about what you want to do for that day. It is like everything just goes blank, so, you move with the flow and you act blank too. No motivation, no inspiration, no enthusiasm, no energy. Some days are like that, but, I know you will agree with me that deep down, you have ideas, good ones, there are just many things you don’t know the “how-to”. So, if you give less than 3 minutes of your time, this blog post will tell you the major “how-to” towards your ideas.


  • Know your Idea as a seed
  • Pray for Ideas
  • Turn your ideas into reality


Dear reader, let me start by telling you that your ideas are spiritual seeds that are capable of bringing out fruits plus, your brain is a machine that God designs for the reception and production of ideas. The bigger your idea, the longer it takes for you to get the harvest. Let me put it this way, you will not harvest the maize the same time you will harvest the cocoa. Do you know the difference? The quality of the seeds. In true fact no one is poor, the only poor person is the person without ideas. God gives provision for everything you need. Look at it from this angle: we need paper but God gives us trees, and we need salt but God gives us oceans. I think you get the analogy now. God doesn’t give you the full fruit; He gives you the seed for you to plant and the seed He gives is your multimillion idea.

Are you ready for the next point?


I am happy you are reading to this point and to a large extent you agree with what I’m talking about. Do you know that everything you see today is someone’s idea? The design of the clothes you put on is someone’s idea and the combination of ingredients that forms your breakfast is someone’s idea. So, it is high time you pray for your own idea. There are ways you can get ideas when you pray. You can get through meditation on the word of God as a spiritual process. As a natural process after praying, you can identify a need, create a need and look for ways to solve that need. That is you getting your ideas. Do you know that not all ideas that succeed does God give but all ideas that God gives succeeds. So, what you should always strive for is an idea from God that outlasts your generation.

The last point?


Let me open the complete veil for you; as you are, God does not just give you the power to dream or get ideas, He also gives you the capacity to turn these ideas into reality. Imagine seeing all you wish and dream as a person come into reality. Wait a moment, close your eyes and see the world you wish to live in your mind. Done? All these will be possible and will become a reality if only you stay within God’s assignment for you on earth. Anytime you stay within your purpose, there is provision for all you dream, wish and desire as long as it is within the purpose God gives you on earth. In line with this, we should develop characters that will help you turn your ideas into reality. Although you hear them often, let me repeat them. You need to be persistent and have the right attitude and association.

I know you get the whole point.

It is like I can see you nodding and I can hear your many uhmms…. It is not about the nodding and the uhmms. I see your idea as the supreme path to your fulfilment.

Till next week, see you in the comments section.

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