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If I don’t know anything about you now, I am certain of two things. You are reading this blog post right now and you have burning questions in your heart. I am not a witch, but, I know it relates to questions like, what else do you need to do to get God’s spiritual power? What is the ultimate price? Who can pay the price? Why is there so much confusion about the spiritual realm? If you are like this right now, you are about to find secrets and answers to many mysterious questions you may have. Let me open the veil by telling you three complete steps to having spiritual power:

  • Lay aside every weight
  • Yield to the Holy Spirit
  • Die to Self


Don’t bother guessing what it means to have weights. Weights are everything and anything that will not allow you give your all to God. This is it. Please give your full attention here. God is not seeking the golden vessels of this earth. He is not seeking the silver vessels. But He is seeking the plain, ordinary, vessels who will obey WHATEVER He asks them to do. I know that may be a lot to take in, but stick with me. You may take a few steps into the realm of the spirit to hear from God, but you can fail to remain there because of all worldly entanglements like your self ego, selfishness, envy and the others that you know. The truth is that you must make a choice. You cannot live for God part of the time and for the devil the rest of the time. You must choose whom you will serve. You and I, God’s mighty men and women, must enter the spirit realm and powerfully intercede until we win! We will win as we shake free of all the weights of the world.


A major aspect you need to realize is that no person or ministry will succeed because of great education, financial success, or connections made by man. I know you will agree with me that these things will not entice the anointing of God to fall upon you, because the Holy Spirit will cause the anointing to fall as He wills, never as man wills. The Holy Spirit never takes directions from man. God’s anointing comes on vessels that are yielding — vessels who submit and surrender to the Spirit of God. This is the trick. One thing you need to learn is that yielding to the Holy Spirit and living in the realm of the spirit are progressive. As you mature in Christ, you are able to yield more to the Holy Spirit and to live in that realm. The only way to stay in the realm of the spirit is to spend time alone with God. You need persistence to get hold of God. If you permit me to tell you the truth, criticism will come as you begin to separate yourself unto God, but you have got to get into the realm of the spirit where you belong.


Every person is faced with the cross of dying to self. Many people, including you, may not want to hear this topic. Anytime you mean business with God and you desire the presence of God without limitation or boundaries, you have to be willing to pay the price to get it. Every person has to pay a price to step into the fullness of God’s presence. Your grandma cannot pay the price for you. Your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or cousins cannot pay the price for you. Your pastor cannot pay the price for you. You must die on your own cross. We can admit, it is a lonely road to that cross. It is a lonely death on that tree. It is a lonely funeral. But the glory of the death and burial of self will cause a resurrection to new life. That resurrection is what multitudes of people are looking for today. The key is that you must crucify the flesh so that you can live. Dying to self means obeying God at any cost. It is what is. The price for you to pay.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter.

This age is coming to a divine conclusion. When this age closes, where will you be standing? Will you be standing in the flesh? Will you be standing in your crumbling world, crying and attempting to build it back together? Or will you be found searching for gold and silver? Where will you be with God? Are you serious about the Kingdom of God? Do you want God to be your friend? Do you want God to walk and talk with you everywhere you go? God no longer is asking people to die to self; He is commanding it. He no longer is asking people to live in holiness; He is commanding it. There is no time to play games anymore, because the Church Age is coming to a close.

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