What are you thinking? Another blog post on marriage? Does it excite you? If you always think about what it takes to be in God’s will during marriage, you are reading the right blog post. It is true that there are many theories you will get to know about when you want to marry. You know what I am talking about. The “God said” theory. How many times does God talk? Does he have just one person in mind? Stick with me for 2 minutes 46 seconds and you will find answers to the burning question in your heart. Let us start with establishing these there truths about God choosing your spouse for you.

  • God’s will
  • Your will


What comes to your mind when you hear God’s will in marriage? Do you believe God can choose someone for you? You see, there is no where in the Bible where God gives command that someone MUST marry a particular person. Do you disagree? the closest is the Adam and Eve story or how Isaac picks his wife. Let me open the veil for you. In these two instances, God leads, but the person still makes the decision. Adam chose Eve. Rebekah was willing to follow and become Isaac’s wife. One of the reasons God doesn’t make the choice of a partner for you is that it will make you careless. You won’t check out the person very well, you will hang everything on God. When you now have issues in marriage you will say like Adam, “It is the wife you gave me”. You see how everything happens now? God expects you to be responsible when choosing a spouse. You must make your own informed choice even if you feel God is leading you.


What do you think is the opposite of God’s will? Devil’s will? Your will? Let us focus on your will. First of all, you need to know that there is no one particular person for you. Imagine the level of divorce and marriage mistakes people make, if there is only one person for you, probabilities are, someone could have married “your spouse” and that would mean if one person misses it by marrying someone which is not their husband then they would have automatically put the person whose husband they marry in error. Do you get it? Look at it this way too. It is not possible to have only one perfect person for you because if something unfortunate like death, (which is no fault of yours) takes place even before you meet, you will never have fulfilment in marriage. So, what do you do if you feel God’s leading? Take your time to get to know that person well. Don’t be clouded by what you think you heard God say. Till you attain all these conditions, keep your God said to yourself as a secret.

I think you know the essence of everything then? Even Hosea the prophet, he was able to choose the prostitute to marry. God didn’t make the choice for him (Hosea 1:2-3).

A lot of people claim God spoke to them when it comes to the marriage issue but God has not spoken to them concerning any other issue before that. God doesn’t work like that. He will usually lead you in small things before leading you in something that important.

So first, you need to build your relationship with God and let Him lead you in simple things and your relationship with Him, before you hear the “God said”.

Remember, you can have the marriage of your dreams. See you in the comment section.

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