What do you think of people who in truth, can see beyond the human eyes, people who see what others can’t see? I can almost hear you saying you know a couple of them. What do you call them? Seers? Prophets? Diviners? Whatever name you call them, there is one thing that is common to them all. You will agree with me that they can all see beyond the human eyes. So, why do you think it is possible for them to see beyond the physical? Don’t divide your attention here. This blog post will reveal the exact secrets to seeing what others can’t see.

Two powerful technique you should not underestimate are these:

  • Your Imagination
  • Your understanding


Do you think it is just natural that you can see with your inner eyes and you call it imagination? Do you ever think that there is a reason you can create wonderful images in your mind that does not exist before? If you will permit me to tell you the truth, your imagination is a gift. A gift and a currency that you should use and spend in a wise manner. This is how it works. Your imagination is a divine gift from God to make you see what others cannot see. Vain imaginations will try to jail you in insecurity, fear and wondering. Will you be willing to hear the fact? The devil tries to dapple your imagination, so you can see negative things that others cannot see. You will see the trick now. It all starts with the images you create in your mind. Anytime you create positive images, you begin to see beyond and see constructive things that others can’t see. You can guess the opposite. If you allow yourself to have cynical imaginations, you know the result already. If I may ask you in plain terms, what do you see in your imagination?


What do you think every time you see the word understanding? Do you think it has to do with academics alone? Let me put it this way, how do you think your understanding can help you in seeing what others cannot see? Pay special attention here. Some eyes are for your understanding. Don’t think like a child at this point. Do you remember Paul’s prayer in the book of Ephesians? He prays that you receive enlightenment for the eyes of your understanding. Don’t let anything distract you at this point. Folks who see what others cannot see have their eyes of understanding so bright. Your eyes of understanding are your spiritual eyes. It is with your spiritual eyes that you receive understanding because God enlightens you with his spirit. God desires that you might know the truth and not wonder what the truth is or where to find the truth. It all boils down to your eyes of understanding. How do you see? Do you just hear? Again, let me ask you in plain terms. Do you have eyes that understand?

Let me can wrap up the blog post this way.

It is not all difficult to see what others can’t see. You can picture it this way. First, your ability to see deals with the eyes of your understanding, what you see deals with your imaginations.

Dear reader,

if you are of the opinion that seeing is believing, let me tell you something new. Believe before you see. Believe that your imagination is a gift and your understanding is a blessing. Whatever you do with either of them will determine how well you see what others can’t see.

If I am not asking too many questions, can you see what others can’t see?

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