A quick question.
Do you ever imagine that you can wake up in the morning and lose your ability to talk, walk or think? Hold on. I know you press your phone first before you walk. That’s not the point today. The truth is, I don’t wish you bad health, but, you need to know more about Nick Vujicic. The man without arms and legs, who is successful than most people with arms and legs. It will not surprise me to hear that you know a lot about him except for his complete secrets to success.
This is where you should give your full attention.
Nick Vujicic is first a surprise package to his parents. His dad is a pastor and his mother is a nurse. You can imagine the shock the parents will have after his birth. If you can imagine that, go ahead to think about the plan you think God will have for such a boy. It should not surprise you to hear that Nick Vujicic thinks about committing suicide during his adolescent age. As you can guess, he didn’t see a life of purpose.
Out of all things, it was difficult for Nick to see that God has a purpose for everything. Wait, before you criticize Nick, are you not always doubting God’s purpose. let’s go back to Nick Vujicic. All of Nick’s inspiration begins with the motivation people get by the stories he says of overcoming his disability. Let me do more unveiling for you. Nick’s situation allows him to realize one of his purposes in life. The grace to inspire people.
You can guess the obvious result of this. A life was full of unstoppable faith. With the power of unstoppable faith, you know that the man without arms and limbs is now an international speaker and evangelist. Nick Vujicic’s story is very encouraging, but don’t forget that every good thing you want will not appear in a day. You can have faith in yourself and your abilities, but you must also have patience, humility and the understanding that you cannot do anything without the help of others.
In the end, all credit belongs to God and it all goes back to him. Nothing will bring you down faster than not living the purpose of God on earth. If you are going through a difficult season, you can remember Nick. To be specific, remember that a man without arms or limbs is now an international public speaker and evangelist fulfilling the purpose of God through the power of unstoppable faith. Put in mind that a man without arms and legs travels the world and reaches out to many with love beyond measure.
The summary
It is not always easy, but, if you check around you, there is always someone who has enough experience in your kind of suffering. Your pain may not be comparable to that of Nick Vujicic, but you can find a similar situation in Vujicic’s story. To cap it all, I am sure you will agree with me that Nick Vujicic’s secret to success is the power of unstoppable faith. Although there may be other factors, if you have this kind of faith, I agree with Nick Vujicic that your success will be unstoppable as your faith. Peace.

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