How many times do you often think that God is partial? Don’t pretend. I know you will agree with me that although it may sound unacceptable to say it in words, but your actions say it all. Consider it this way. Is it not true that you have a list of what justice should look like? A catalog of those who deserve death and the ones who deserve to live? In line with this, you often think God is not even faithful to the words you read in the Bible? If I am speaking your mind, stick with me for less than 4 minutes 32 seconds, let this blog post show you 3 eye-opening secrets for understanding God’s divine anointing.


  • Pay The Price.
  • Grow In The Anointing.
  • Sustain The Anointing.


How many times do you hear preachers, teachers or motivational speakers tell you to pay the price for greatness? Let’s get more specific. It is no longer news that God’s treasures are not free, but, do you know the price to pay? The price to pay is for you to “come.” Coming is first you having an encounter with God, then, consecrating yourself to God. Until you turn at God’s reproofs, he will not pour out his divine anointing on you. If you can draw any conclusion from this, it is safe for you to say that until you are standing on the right platform, you will not get the empowerment for divine anointing. Don’t stop reading here. To consecrate yourself, you must be ready to thirst after the anointing, practice God’s kind of fast, offer praises and be able to use God’s word in a skilful way. There is no substitute for consecration in your quest for unction. You can put it this way, it is impossible to compromise consecration in your search for the anointing.


Does it surprise you that there is an aspect of growing in the anointing? This is the way it works. God has a desire to bring everyone into the understanding of divine anointing, but, there is a challenge to that wish. This is because there are measures of the anointing and how you improve depends on you. The anointing comes at the seashore level, ankle level, knee level, loin level and immeasurable level. This can be a lot to take in, but, don’t stop reading here. If you are at the seashore level, you are at the starting point in your journey of getting divine anointing. Anytime you proceed and get to the ankle level, you will start experiencing the baptism of the holy ghost. People at the knee level move from having just mere power to having great power. The loin level is the exceeding great power realm. Once you get to the immeasurable level, you become like Jesus who operates in overflowing unction. In brief, growth is a necessary factor, without it, you won’t be able to sustain the divine anointing.


Do you ever think that there should be a difference between growing and sustaining the divine anointing? Consider this. You can preserve the divine anointing of God. God intends that the divine anointing not only last the believer’s life, but, it should outlive the believer’s life. The question you should ask is, how do you sustain the anointing? Let me crack the shell for you. You sustain the anointing through wisdom. Does this sound vague? Hold on. Don’t divide your attention here. Wisdom is hearing what God says about something and doing it. Sustaining the divine anointing means you are deliberate about paying the price for the anointing and intentional about growing in the anointing. Growing will help you to be sensitive to the operation of the anointing which in turn helps you to sustain the anointing. If that is a whole lot to take in, cap it with this secret. Sustaining the anointing is the key requirement for your survival and triumph.

So, what am I saying in essence?

The faithfulness of God does not depend on your impression of him. God is faithful and true to his promises even if you don’t judge him faithful. If you stand before God to question his credibility, don’t let it surprise you if he asks you these same questions. Can you pay the price? Will you grow in the anointing? Do you have what it takes to sustain the anointing?

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