Do you ever think that the rate of divorce is becoming terrific? How many times do the rate of divorce worry you? Okay, do you remember that celebrity who says she will divorce her husband on the basis of irreconcilable differences? Leave the celebrity story aside for now. Don’t divide your attention here. Gary Chapman talks about where the irreconcilable differences stay. It resides in the spouse’s inability to speak each others’ love language. You will love the way Gary Chapman describes it. Love language is the best way your spouse understands your love. Simple right? Simple. But, it can be difficult for you if you don’t understand all the love languages Gary Chapman highlights for an excellent marriage. They are:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Act of service
  • Physical touch
  • Quality time
  • Receiving gifts


Do you have people who live all their lives on commendation? This may suggest that their love language is words of affirmation. People who love to have genuine commendations are more likely to respond to this love language. Spouses that have this love language in marriage will like to hear encouraging words, kind words and humble words. If you want to have an excellent marriage with this set of people, follow Gary Chapman’s instruction. Always remember that words are important to these people and try to always give your spouse a positive compliment.

Recipe 2?


Do you know people who want you to do everything for them? More often than not, Gary Chapman suggests that their love language is act of service. Spouses with this love language feel their partners’ love through his or her actions. Their language is “if you love me, you will help me wash the car, you will do the dishes.” Does this sound like what your spouse says? Then, follow Gary Chapman’s suggestion. Ignore the stereotype of a man or a woman’,s role in marriage. Speak the language your spouse understands. Always do something your partner will appreciate.


How many times do you see people who can’t do without the hugs and kisses? You are guessing right. Gary Chapman suggests that their love language is physical touch. If you have a spouse with this love language, nothing will be more important than holding your partner as he or she cries. The same thing goes for other physical activities like kissing. You must learn to express your love by kissing when he or she arrives home. It is easy to have an excellent marriage with this kind of spouse if you follow Gary Chapman’s instruction. The instruction is just to touch them always.

Recipe 4?


How many people do you know that love the company and attention of other people? I guess I am right if I assume you know many of them. Again, let me guess what you are thinking. You know what Gary Chapman thinks about them. Their love language is quality time. Do you know the trick? It is easy to have an excellent marriage with them. You only need to abide by a simple rule. Give them your complete attention. Spouses with this love language like togetherness, quality conversations and they love quality activities that they enjoy. To enjoy a perfect marriage with this kind of spouse, listen to Gary Chapman’s secret. Love them by giving them an excellent proportion of your time.

Recipe 5?


Do you remember those people that will remind you to get them Christmas gifts and birthday gifts? I know you know and I know you will agree with Gary Chapman. Their love language is receiving gifts. For you to have an excellent marriage with this set of people, you must be willing to part away with your gifts and your money. Your gift may not be expensive. In most cases, it can be handmade gifts. You just need to follow a simple path. Speak the love language your spouse understands. This is the trick Gary Chapman gives out. Gifts to this kind of spouse give them the impression that you are thinking about them and that is love to them.

So, what am I trying to say with Gary Chapman’s love recipe?

Knowing your partner’s primary love language will save you a lot of headache. It will help you keep their love tank full and be a better lover to him or her.

Let me give you a bonus.

If you want to know your spouse’s love language, pay attention to the things he or she complains about to you. Place them under the appropriate love language, and, you know the next thing, speak the love language and have an excellent marriage.


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