Hello, if you are like me and you wonder what it will take to raise children in this century, you are in the right place reading the right blog post. Do you sometimes compare the way 19th-century parents train their children to the manner 21st-century parents train their children? I know you agree with me that the difference is very clear. Should we start from the manner of dressing or the community lifestyle that the 21st century lacks? This blog post will not support or condemn either way of parenting. However, this is the interesting part. This write up will show you three ways you can raise your children without fear.

  • Be Separate.
  • Raise Your Children.
  • Teach Your Children.


What comes to your mind when you hear the statement be separate? Let me guess. Do you think it means acting different? Well, let me open the veil to you. Separation has to do with your lifestyle as a parent which in turn has a direct impact on how your children turn out. As children are growing up, they learn more by watching what you do more than by listening to what you say and they never forget what they observe at home. So, as a parent, if raising your children without fear bothers you, start from raising yourself to be separate from the world. Here is the trick. As a parent, it is possible you inherit a fruitless way of living, but be deliberate about breaking that cycle. It all starts from your ability to be separate.

This next point will surprise you.


Do you wonder what is surprising about this statement? Give your full attention here. It is not a complete statement. This is the complete statement. Raise your children without fear. Irrespective of the intention you have, don’t raise your children with fear. You want them to be strong? Don’t treat them with fear. You want them to be cautious? Do not train them with fear. Consider this example, how many times do you hear or say Something like this “Now, darling, don’t run out in the street like that again. Mummy is afraid a car may hit you.” That is fear. Simple. Don’t stop reading here. Although your parents may raise you in a fearful manner and your children may need this information to help them succeed in life, but your children need more of faith words than fearful words. You need to show your children how to take the word of God and use it in any situation. I am not stopping here and this is why you should not miss the next point.


Are you guessing something again? Let me clarify. If you are thinking this is another incomplete statement, you are right. This is the full statement. Teach your children what God says. Consider the first point and think about this. If it is important for you to be separate, how much more important is it for your children to separate from the vile things of the world? I know that is a lot to take in, but bear with me. Generations of children are growing up without God in their lives, without boundaries and no basis for morality. I know you will agree with me that the teachings of homosexuality now starts from elementary school. You have the responsibility to teach your children the right values on the basis of God’s word. Here’s the big secret. If you fail to teach your children what God’s word says is moral or immoral, you can be sure the world will teach them what it believes. The choice is yours to make.

In essence, there may be many factors that can influence you as a parent to bring up your children in a fearful way. However, there is an option. The option is to be deliberate. Be deliberate about separating yourself and your children. Be deliberate about raising your children without fear and be intentional about teaching them God’s word. Thank you for sticking with me all through. I am eager to hear from you. Feel free to drop your comments in the comment section.

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