18th Blog Post,
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23rd of September, 2021.

To the lady it may concern,

How often do you wish you are the lady everyone wishes to be? Don’t pretend. You know the lady I am talking about. The lady with the strength to balance every aspect of her life. The lady who has every facet of her life under control. Stick with me here for 2 minutes 56 seconds and let this blog post show you how to be the kind of lady you wish to be.


Every spectacular lady has three major facets of their life that make them astounding. Here is the secret, find the balance in these three key areas and you become your boss. These areas are in:

  • Relationship with herself.
  • Relationship with her lover.
  • Relationship with her lord.


Do you believe that falling in love can be one of the best things in the world? The feeling of love alone is so satisfactory that it can make you do things you do not plan to do. But, do you ever think of the first person that deserves to get your love? Hold your breath here. The first person you should give your love to in the first place is yourself. Don’t stop reading here. Society can indeed put pressure on you to be selfless to the extreme. As if that is not enough, your society may condemn your attempt to be self-nurturing and people can see your effort to give yourself love as pride and lack of submissiveness. To further complicate matters, the killing of your soul is one thing and the traumatic crushing of your body is another case. Oh my darling, please feel free to pause here and cry if you want to. It may sound like an impossible task to do, but it is not impossible to heal. I know it is not easy for you to overcome this pressure, but permit me to tell you the truth. It will be difficult to find someone to appreciate you as a person if you do not stabilize yourself and allow your emotions to settle. The hurt is deep and the pain is unimaginable, but the first bold step you have to seek is becoming a lover to yourself and for yourself before giving your love to someone else.

Now this next point is very important.


Do you mind answering the question again? Do you believe that falling in love can be one of the best feelings in the world? This time around, I can almost hear you thinking that the happy feeling of finding someone to call your own is almost unimaginable. However, emotions should not be the only factor you should look for in a companion. The factors to look for are in three folds. Your lover must satisfy your body, mind and soul. Let me lift the veil and break this down for you. The first thing is that, without a doubt, you need to have a physical attraction for your partner, but, this point is subject to an higher point. Your lover’s mind must be attractive to you. What is the pleasure you will gain if you are not of the same mind with your partner? You and your lover should be of like mind, able to talk, listen, and simply enjoy each other’s company. To complete that, you and your lover should share the same value or very similar values. To enjoy your romantic relationship, dear lady, together with your lover, you must walk together down the path of life, share the same compass and follow the same direction.

Is my time over? Hold on, I have more than 60 seconds more. Don’t miss this next point.


Are you thinking you will answer the same question again? No, not at all. There is a question, but a different one. Do you think it is easy to serve God? Let me guess what is in your mind. Yes? No? Are you thinking about the many “how?” How do you embrace a God you cannot see? What intimacy can you derive from a God you cannot touch? Here is the solution. God is not a man. You don’t need to approach him with your flesh. He is in your heart. It is in the very depth of your spirit that you can touch God. Plus, if you listen with your inner ear, you can hear God speak to you. That apart, you can embrace God through praise. As a lady, you can try to heal yourself and maintain the relationship with your husband that will allow you to fulfil your potential. But, overall, you will yearn for fulfilment in an area that is far deeper than where the human hand can reach. This is where you need your Lord. Take this with you. Although you cannot know all about your Lord, you can endeavour to perceive him and leap to reach him. Beyond what you can imagine, your love for God is your major priority and the ultimate factor that will enable you to find balance within the three sides of the triangle.

So, what is my point?

A whole woman will always attract a whole man and when they unite, they will fuse to create a whole marriage. I know you are trying to create a life of balance, but, start to create spectacular things from those crucial areas of your life. Yourself. Your Lover. Your Lord.

Please, feel free to use the remaining seconds I have with you to drop your comments.


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