Do you feel this way at times?
To begin with,
You wake up one day to realize you are in this very strange place people call earth.
It is not your first day in this place but today is the first day you are experiencing this type of rush.
So, you start to wonder like a lost ambassador.
Why does everything look strange?
Why does everything exist?
Is there something someone is not telling you?
As if that is not enough,
you lay in your bed with the burning question that needs an urgent answer.
Then you ask yourself, who are you in the midst of everything?
Why do you exist? Stick with me here.
You are not alone. Let us solve this riddle together.
First things first, you exist for three major reasons

  • To find your purpose.
  • To solve a specific problem.
  • To bring pleasure to God.


How many motivational speakers do you listen to every week just to know about your purpose? Does this whole purpose subject confuse you? Hold on. This section of this write-up will clear your confusion. The most genuine way to know your purpose is to align yourself with the positive things you love most. You already possess the special gifts and talents from God to pursue the dream and goals that you love. Don’t let anything confuse you here. You are not an accident. You only need to ask yourself these simple questions. What do you love to learn about? What do you love to talk about? What do you love to hear about? What do you love to discuss? Go on with these. The truth is that whatever it is you love doing or discussing is a signpost of where you belong in terms of purpose. Hold on. The next point is for you.


Do you know the cause of the sudden focus that comes on you, Wait! You know those point when you just realize that you’re in this place they call earth? Well, those periods are times of remembrance. It is just a reminder that your purpose is to serve a specific problem. Anytime you feel this rush, don’t be like the person who asks if God exists, On the contrary, this knowledge should always lead you to ask God about your purpose and the direction towards it. It should lead you to ask God, what do you want me to do? Where do I fit in all of these? What problem should I solve? The moment you begin to meditate on these things, one day, it will hit you that God is good at organization and he is meticulous about answering every of your sincere question.


Do you sometimes think it is difficult to do please God? Don’t stop reading at this point. How do you seek to bring pleasure to someone you can’t see physically? I know you will agree with me that one of the major barriers to pleasing God is the physical limitations you have when it comes to your relationship with him. In plain terms, how do you seek to please a God you can’t touch, and a God you can’t see with your physical eyes, does this mean it is impossible to please God? No. This is where you should keep reading. There are three major things you can do to please God. Ready? First, pray to him every time, even in your thought life. In a similar vein, advertise him to others in form of evangelism., Then, be a grateful person who praises God always. In essence, your purpose is to bring pleasure to God in his way and watch him reward you in his way.

This is the summary of the whole matter.
it is not difficult to find out your true purpose. These three steps are guidelines you can use to clear your path to purpose. You can start now and have the assurance that God is faithful enough to answer you in due season. Thank you for reading through. Feel free to drop your view in the comment section.

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