I bet you will want to read this blog post to the end.
Do you doubt?
Stick with me and answer this question in the most sincere way.
Do you ever wish you can peep inside the marriage of great couples in the world and find out exactly what they do to make it work?
Here’s your chance to learn from one of the greatest man with a successful marriage.
Although late, DR. Myles Munroe remains a popular International motivational speaker and he is the founder of Barnabas Faith Ministries International. Before his death, Dr. Myles Munroe marriage with his wife Ruth lasted for more than 35 years. They travel as a team and together they involve themselves in teaching seminars.
Can you sense the unity they share?
Now, be patient with me. Let me share with you, 3 most important secrets Dr. Myles Munroe shares on having a successful marriage.

“A husband’s purpose is to lead, teach and stay in the presence of the Lord”

Are you the husband reading this? Good for you. Are you the wife exploring this blog post? Thumbs up for you. Do you know why? You are about to learn an unpopular secret.
As a man, you will never kick start your marriage with the exact woman you desire. Pay attention here. It does not mean that you will marry a woman that doesn’t attract you. But, whatever attracts you to the woman you decide to marry, it is your duty to cultivate that attribute.
You see the sense now?
Do you envision your wife to be the best cook in the world? Cultivate that seed in her. Do you want to hear the mystery of women? Women are incubators. Whatever you give a woman, she multiplies. Give her a house, you get a home, give her a seed, you get a tree. So, as the man of the house, what are you waiting for? Give your woman whatever you want her to multiply. Like Adam, your duty is to serve as the spiritual leader that can teach your household the word of God and keep them in the presence of God.
That’s not all.
This is what you should do as the wife. If your husband fulfills his roles in leading you, take it as your duty to support him. The best way to do that? Stay as his helper and not his competitor. If you do this, you are encouraging your man to be the best he can be.
You don’t want to miss the next secret.

“Men don’t look for emotions, tell him what you think before you express how you feel”

Does this sound familiar? I believe it does.
How many times do you hear people say men and women do not have the same emotional wiring? I guess you hear that more a hundred times. I am here to tell you that it is true. As couples, one of the most important things you need to understand about each other is the difference in expressions. Dear wives or wife-to-be, pay attention here. Your husband is not looking for emotions. Tell your husband what you think first before you express what you feel.
This is where you should keep reading.
When your husband talks, he does not talk in line with what he feels, he talks to you in line with what he thinks. Does this mean men don’t have emotions? Of course, they do. They only prioritize actions over emotions. Thinking over feeling!
On the other hand, (This is why your wife should read this blog post) what wives think is often very different from what they feel and say. Wives talk in line with how they feel first, before what they think. As a sensitive husband, I’m sure you agree with me on that. So, what is the solution? The trick is to be patient with each other’s emotions. As husbands, be patient to work through your wife’s emotions and get what is on her mind. As wives, be considerate enough to empathize with your husband’s feelings rather than your own emotions.
Do you think you know all the secrets?
You don’t want to miss this last part.

As lovers, learn to respond, not react”

Don’t stop reading here. Do you know one of the leading cause of divorce?
I guess you know the answer. Conflicts.
How do you know the best way to handle unavoidable conflict? The best way is to respond and not react. I know that’s a lot to take it, but, hang in there, there’s a treasure you are about to discover. There is a big difference between responding and reacting to situations. Anytime you react to something, you blurt out words without giving yourself a chance to think. Your spouse says something you don’t like? You react when you tell out hurtful statements.
So, how do you respond?
You respond by putting your spouse’s emotions into consideration.
In marriage, it is not only the romantic part you respond to. You respond to everything including chores. You should not expect your spouse to do everything. Do not expect one person to do all the cooking, washing or cleaning. Whether you are the husband or the wife in the home, make sure you don’t be the selfish person who reacts without thinking. A selfish person desires all the glory, power and recognition. If you desire to remain in love with your partner, anytime you get the temptation to react instead of responding, find something within your spouse to fall in love with over and over again.

The essence of everything?

Men and women have different, but complimentary design in all aspects. So then, what is the across-the-board secret to having a successful marriage? The mystery is for each spouse to help the other become all God intends for him or her to be through unconditional love.
All these points and more is in one of Dr. Myles Munroe’s book – The keys for a successful marriage. Do you need the soft copy? Say Hi in the comment section.

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