In my personal experience with life, I know that dealing with change is not an easy task. I know you will agree with me that everything can look perfect this minute, but, the next minutes become total mess. It is just as if there’s a force that has influence over many things you can’t control. The unpredictable force is not the focus today, here is something we can both agree on. The way change now occurs, it is not the change you can’t predict that matter, what matters is now your response to it. So, how do you control change?

You don’t want to miss this next part.

You can manage change with these four steps:

  • Detect Change Early
  • Take Quick Action
  • Try Not To Resist Change
  • Adapt To Change In Time


Do you ever think of the best way to get through change you don’t expect? Sometimes, it is not easy to recognize when change starts to take place. You must be wondering, so what do you do if knowing when change starts is a big task? The trick is for you to pay attention to the details of your environment.
It all boils down to this, learn to discover and pay attention when situations begin to change. Here’s the catch. The best way you can observe change is to pay attention to every detail in your world. Pay attention to the increase in your pay, the decline in your spouse’s attention, pay attention to everything around you. Another part is for you to know that it is not enough for you to detect change early. This is where you can run into trouble – When you don’t take the next step after you perceive a change. So, what’s the next step? Take Quick Action.


Do you remember the many times fear stops you from taking action? Let me put it this way, what do you think you will do if not for fear? Do you feel that sense of freedom? It is a call to take action to move beyond your fears. Your fears can hold you to stay within your comfort zone. You are afraid of the uncertain future that you can’t control. But, who says the future will not be favorable? Here’s the secret. The action you take in response to change will depend on the nature of the change you want to deal with. Pay attention here. Do you think you are becoming too comfortable in a place? Take action to move out of your comfort zone. Do you wish you can move up on your career ladder? Amass up skills that can help.
Don’t stay stagnant. On a lighter note, you are not a tree. So, move! Take action to move out of your convenient region. As easy as it may sound, it is easy to say than to do. Do you know the best way to make the doing part easy? Don’t resist change.


Does it occur to you that that you can make change appear impossible to cope with? You hit it! If you resist change, everything about change will become a hard nut to crack. It is one thing for you to see change at the reasonable time, it is another thing for you to suppress change. This is how it works. You resist change every time you refuse to adjust to the pressures of change. Can you count the many times you read that change is the only thing constant? Change doesn’t change! You are the one who has to change with the change. I know that can be a lot to take in, but stick with me here. When change comes, you either choose to continue with a familiar way of life or you decide to flow with the new development change brings along. Sometimes, it is not just enough not to resist change. It takes more than that to control change. Guess the next step?
You need to adapt to change in time.


Do you ever think of the negative impacts you assume change may bring? You think of how many times you will have to unlearn many things? What about the times you will have to meet new people? Does it sound like something you will like to go through? Well, it is just a constant attribute of life, change will happen at one time or the other. Here is the interesting part of it. It is not sufficient enough for you not to resist change, it is very important you adapt to change in time. Anytime you don’t adapt to change in time, It is like doing what is right at the wrong time. You need to understand how to do the right thing at the right time. Don’t divide your attention at this point. Does the new system require you to acquire more vocational skills? Earn it early. Do you need new qualities to move on in your career? Obtain it fast. Whatever you need to do with the demands of change, don’t just do it. Do it at the appropriate it. Like a farmer, sow at the right time, reap during harvest.

Here is the bottom line.

Change is happening everywhere and every time. It happens in your workplace, it happens in your relationships, even in your homes.

Now, this is important.

it is not the change that matters, but, how you react and adjust to change. In some cases, it is easier you initiate change while you can than it is to react and adjust to change.

It all boils down to this.

The change you experience is necessary, but, it is not as important as your attitude towards it. Detect change early. Take quick action. Don’t resist change and don’t forget to adapt to change in time.

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