What do you think it means for a woman to be wise? Does it deal with academics alone? Career? Do you think about how wise women handle their relationships? How do they have everything going well for them? Stay with me. I know these are the questions you wish to have answers to. If you read this blog post till the end, like the wise women, you will understand the seven questions you need to ask to avoid heart breaks.

  • The Why me question
  • The Know me question
  • The Mentor question
  • The Compatibility question
  • The Responsibility question
  • The When Question
  • The Reformation question


If a man wants to marry you, one of the quick questions you can ask him is why me. Some of the reasons he will give you will shock you. A man can decide to marry you because of your money. Your shape. His why is the major reason, though not the only reason he wants to marry. So, take the bold step and ask him to tell you the reason or reasons why he wants to marry you. You need to take note that his actions are in harmony with his talks. If he says he wants to marry you because of your physical appearance, be sure that, his actions will align with that.


What comes to your mind when you hear the “know me” question? The easiest way to know someone is when they are in their natural state. Do you know what this means? The best way for you to get the know me question is to establish friendship. One of the things friendship will offer you is genuineness. You will agree with me that people tend to be very free anytime they are with their friends. Do you know what that tells you? You need to establish friendship before you know anyone. As a result, look for any opportunity to establish friendship so you know the person who wants to date you.


Do you know that a man who has no one to submit to has pride in him? A major thing you should ensure you know is to recognize who he mentors are. You need to know who he submits to. How far do you think he can submit to someone? If he says he submits to God alone, this is a sign that he is a proud man who will not want to acknowledge mistakes and accept directions. You need to know if there are people that can tell him his mistakes. How many people do you know that can do this? So, ask the wise question. Ask about his mentors on earth.


A wise question you should not forget to ask is the compatibility question. How well do you reason alike? If you always go in different directions, there are going to be issues that can cause heart breaks. Stay with me a moment. Your compatibility with another person goes beyond physical attraction. It now moves to how you can relate on a spiritual ground, financial ground, emotional alignment and intelligent quotient. If you can find a common ground to relate on these important pillars of life, then, you are beginning to understand how compatible you are.


Another important question you need to ask is towards responsibility. How responsible is the guy you are considering. It’s important you know that responsibility comes in three forms. You should examine his ability to preside over the family, protect and provide for You. His ability to preside revolves around how authentic his decisions are. Apart from that, you should evaluate his protecting strength. You may not need him to punch someone, but you need him to protect you from adversaries. Your adversaries can be your brother-in-law, sister-in-law or your family. His duty is to protect you always. Can he? The last one is his ability to provide for you, especially financially. As much as possible, try to avoid a jobless man.


If a guy tells you he wishes to marry you, it is important for you to ask him the when question. You should ask any guy around you when he plans to marry you. In the first place, if the plan is not to marry you, why will you be in such a relationship as a wise woman? If he decides to marry you, ask him the when question. When does he intend to take you to the altar? If you don’t ask this question, a guy may date you for more than five years and still leave you. You need to note that because he answers the when question is not an assurance that he won’t leave you. But, it can help reduce the chances that he will.


The final wise question you should ask is the reformation question. Is his spiritual life under reformation? Does he know God? It is very important you observe his relationship with God. In plain terms, it is not enough that he is born again. It is essential that he has a personal relationship with God. He should be able to lead you in the way of truth. It is better you accept that the reformation question is one of the most important question you can ask as a wise woman. If a man submits to God, if he has a personal relationship with God, it won’t be difficult to have a good relationship with you.

Let me cap it all, as important as these questions are to you, some of them are answered through the guy’s behaviour. A guy may pretend for a long time, but if you observe very well, he can not hide his behaviour for so long. Ask these wise questions and create your path to fulfilment in your relationship life.

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