Do you sometimes doubt God’s existence?
I know what you are thinking.
I can almost hear you thinking what if this whole God thing is not real?
So many circumstances that can shake everything that constitutes God in your heart.
After all, if God is real and loving as they say, why do we lose people we love to the cold hands of death? Why do people die of painful sicknesses? Why do people die of cancers? What’s the rationale behind all of these? If it is true that there is God, then, where is God when you need him?
Stick with me. You need to keep reading.
There are three things you must keep in heart whenever it crosses your mind to doubt God’s existence.

  • Get to understand that waiting has a purpose
  • Make effort to find healing while waiting
  • Believe that God will hold you through it all


Will you believe me when I say waiting has a purpose? Stay with me now. I know you don’t like to wait. No one does too. Sometimes, your waiting period may end very quick, but, at other times, it may drag on without end. You must be wondering. But, where is God in all of these mess? The truth is there’s a reason why God makes you wait. Although, you may not always understand why God makes you wait, you need to understand that God makes you wait for either of two reasons. It is either for your growth, while he makes preparation or for sin. When God makes you wait for the sake of your growth, he is not only preparing the circumstances that lie ahead of you, God is also preparing your heart to receive his blessings. Do you know that when you receive too great of an abundance, you can rely on the material blessings rather than the Lord? On the other hand, when you sin, you take a wrong turn from God’s desires for you. Like Achan in the Bible, sin can lead to failure. For these two reasons, the Lord can make you wait. Even when you don’t understand the reason for waiting, you need to know that everything, including waiting has a purpose.


Do you know you may not know the true definition of pain until you ask God to heal your heart? Uncertainty can make you ask God why he permits evil. Anytime you don’t know the reason God permits evil, it can leave a deep hurt in your heart. This kind of hurt can make you hate God. The hurt that brings you down to ask “God, why me?” You will agree with me that this kind of hurt needs healing beyond medical intervention. So, how and where do you find healing? You can find healing by making the best of your circumstances. Irrespective of what life throws at you or what God permits to happen, don’t let your situations define who you are in Jesus. I know this can be a lot to take in, but, stay with me. You can only find healing when you don’t allow your circumstances to define your relationship with the Lord. The best place to find healing is in God’s presence. I know you are hurt. But, go back to your daddy’s presence and allow him refine your faith. As you move back to his arms, he will bless you as you seek the best comfort from him.


Do you remember God’s words to you? “Can a woman forget her nursing child and not have compassion on the son of her womb? For sure, they may forget, yet I will not forget you. See, I have your name on the palms of my hands” Isaiah 49:15-16. Goosebumps right? God’s heart is tender towards you even when you suffer a trial. You know that feeling you have when you lose someone you love? It does not sound acceptable to reason that God may be testing your faith during these trying times. But, you can accept that God can use every evil circumstance to create good for you. In most cases, this does not imply that anything good comes from the death of someone you love. It does mean that God is very powerful and compassionate that he is able to make life meaningful again. He is strong enough to make beautiful things happen in the midst of the pain you go through. Out of everything you suffer, in the midst of it all, he will hold you and teach you how to rely on him always.

This blog post does not end there.
Let me clarify it more.

There will be periodic times in your life you may wonder how God can bring anything good out of your situation. At those times, just remember that God makes his creation from the dust. No matter how bad any situation is, he is capable of bringing the best out of the worst. Praise him no matter what. No matter what may be happening in your life, be found worshipping God from your heart. Keep in mind that there’s a reason for everything. Even though you don’t understand the reasons, God is capable of holding you through the fire. Shalom!

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