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15th of July, 2021

To The Youth It May Concern,

I know sometimes,
you wonder if you are normal.
The challenges you face make your mind wander.
Most times, you bother, you are not sure why.
something keeps telling you that you are normal.
you ask, what if I’m abnormal?
My darling, calm down. You are very normal.
Here is how it works.
Each of us is born with a unique temperament we do not get to choose. This temperament differs from your personality. Your personality refers to the whole of your pattern of behavior, thoughts and emotions. Most times, your personality serves as your character. Your temperament is the raw material that you were born with, which describes your natural tendency to react to situations. Because your temperament is something you are born with, you can not finish destroying it. Rather, you can modify it in such a way that you begin to act in ways opposite to your temperament. You start to do what is contrary to what nature suggests to you.
I know that can be a lot to take in, but bear with me.
Temperament comes in four flavors:

  • The Choleric
  • The Melancholic
  • The Sanguine
  • The Phlegmatic


Cholerics are the rational people that expect you to give good reasons for any argument. If you are a choleric, you find it easy to express your ideas to others, but, you are less willing to listen. You don’t like to delegate tasks, because you believe others will waste your time.
Does this sound familiar to you?
As a spouse, you are a multi-tasker and a go-getter. You are independent, energetic, forthright and capable. Your choleric child has a strong will, strong determination and learns very fast. Your choleric child will like to argue and debate. People with the choleric temperament are impatient, headstrong, competitive and have a quick temper.


The melancholic are the passionate, reflective people. Does this sound like you? You tend to value the ideal and all that is noble. You are sensitive, idealistic and you have a deep concern about the injustice and vice in our society. You don’t react to stimuli quick and you like to be alone. As a spouse, you pay extra attention to details and order, especially, when it comes to caring for the home. To cap it all, you love perfection. Your melancholic child will follow the same pattern. Your melancholic child is a creative dreamer who derives satisfaction by playing by himself. This kind of child seeks a listening ear. The melancholic temperament holds grudges, abhors injustice, looks at the downside and uses principles as a basis for decision making.


Do you like to look at the bright side of situations, do you enjoy the company of other people? Are you creative and fun-loving? If you answer yes to all of these questions, you have the sanguine temperament. Sanguines are adventurous people who live in the present moment. As a sanguine spouse, you will love to lift the spirit of your partner and you enjoy the attention of your family members. Your sanguine child will always be eager, energetic, bright, sensitive, fun-loving and enthusiastic. Although, the sanguine temperament are spirit lifers, as a sanguine, you are prone to excessive money spending and impulsive buying. Sanguines by nature are restless and they lack perseverance.


Phlegmatics are the sensible, respectable and the most dependable individuals in our society. As a phlegmatic spouse, you have the natural tendency to show commitment, loyalty, tolerance and support. You have a hidden will of iron, but, people overlook it because you are such an agreeable person. You cherish faithfulness in marriage. You take your marriage commitment with all seriousness and you enjoy harmony in the home. Your child with the phlegmatic temperament will be so thoughtful, peaceful, quiet and slow to reaction. The phlegmatic temperament is not a perfect temperament. Phlegmatics like to please others. As a phlegmatic, you have a high tendency to be sluggish, indifferent, low-key and be without motivation.

Even though temperament is a major part of our biological make-up, it is not the most crucial conditions for modifying our character. Here is something we can both agree on. Temperament is not the ultimate factor that influences our eternal destiny. You can shape your life by exercising a fundamental gift from God – Your free will.

As a result, do not succumb to the temptation of reducing yourself to the sum of your temperament. Understanding your temperament only helps you deepen your comprehension of yourself and others. Your temperament does not rob you of the gift God gives everyone – The free will to become whatever you wish to become.

I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section.

Yours in greatness,

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