Can I be blunt with you for a moment?
Not exactly direct, but say some things that make you rethink?
Things that you should know before it is too late.
The actual things about the workplace.
Because in certain fact, the business world is changing very fast. Fast, but, slow enough, to catch up with.
The whole concept of career is going through a fast change of definition since the last century. Your career now encompasses everything you do to have a better physical, mental, social and emotional life. As a result, your career goes beyond the four walls of your office. If you work for yourself, your career demands that you begin to think like an entrepreneur. On the other hand, if you work for your boss, you will need to start thinking like an intrepreneur. (A phrase that describes someone who acts like an entrepreneur in an organization). Whichever way, you will need to master these 7 fearless skills to create a remarkable career shift. The seven skills are:

  • Listening skills
  • Leadership mastery
  • Networking abilities
  • Self-discipline proficiency
  • Magic 20 technique
  • Coping capacities
  • Ageism mastery


The first skill you need to master to boost your career is the ability to listen to others. Listening does not mean you shut up your mouth long enough for the other person to talk, but you must also shut down the voice in your head that tries to tell you what to say next. This basic skill is necessary to have either as an entrepreneur or as intrepreneur. This is because the world of work deals with people and everyone seeks someone who will be attentive to them. Now, it is not just that you hear them, but you acknowledge how they feel about what they say. So, you need to stop talking when they talk, you should also try not to reply them in your head.


Have you ever thought about what it actually means to be a leader? You look like a leader when you spot a problem, create a plan to solve it, and then, execute your plan. You act like a leader, when you treat other people with respect and leave them feeling a bit more positive. You become a leader when you accept responsibility and follow through on what you promise. So, ask yourself, do you exhibit the traits of a leader? Every work setting has specific challenges that begs for solution. The more you solve pertinent problem, the better people perceive you as a leader. As a means, you need to master the act of leadership before you can improve your career.


Another major part you should consider is your ability to network with people. Have you heard of people raising people? Yes, we need each other. Your network consists of first, your close friends and family. Then, newer friends you know, but you don’t see always. The third circle includes thousands of acquaintances you already know. Irrespective of the category anyone falls into, at least, learn to connect with the ones you already know. One sure way to guarantee connection is to stay helpful. Help whoever you can, wherever you can. Networking is a sure way to create a quick shift in your career.


Do you hear about the importance of self – discipline and you ignore it? Well, it is like oxygen, you need it to breathe in the workplace. Discipline is your ability to motivate yourself in spite of a negative emotional state. Although, you may need external incentives to encourage you, but without the outward encouragement, can you still motivate yourself? Self-discipline is about motivating yourself to do things you don’t feel like doing. It is your capacity to reject excuses! Although, it may not be easy, but, first, before anything else, you are your biggest fan. If your motivation does not come from inside out, it will not last. You need to cultivate good self-discipline expertness.


Do you recognize the magic 20 principle? Some call it the 80/20 principle. A simple principle that can serve as the turnaround of your career. The magic 20 principle states that 80 per cent of your achievement will flow from about 20 per cent of the things you do. With this in mind, the next thing is to find the 20 per cent of your abilities that actually produce result. Not everything works. Does it surprise you? Even the food you eat, your body does not use everything. Learn from your body, focus on the 20 per cent that actually matter and wait till it brings the result you desire. You don’t have to be a jack of all trade. Practice the magic 20 principle.


Career rejection can be one of the most painful thing you will experience in the world of work. Do you know what it feels like to write dozens of proposals and not get one positive feedback? Do you know what it feels like to experience failure at a project? Whichever way you experience rejection, you must learn true coping strategies. One of the best coping strategies is to acknowledge the pain you feel. You don’t have to deny your feelings. Instead, you can confide in a few people you trust. The pain is normal. Understand the loss, but be gracious in defeat. Even in defeat, take charge of the power of gratitude, thank people. You won’t always win, but, you will always learn.


Do you ever think of the effect of age in the workplace setting? The truth is you will not be young forever. Do you consider the reason some organizations put an age limit in some job applications? The truth is that the age matters. Ageism is real. Not just physical ageism, but mental ageism. Not everyone fits into the current demands of the organisation. Then, how do you stay relevant despite your age? Be tech-savvy. Make good use of the technological advantage. Don’t mock what you don’t know. Ask questions. Look and act fit. Be stylish and don’t bring up your age, except when necessary.


What are you waiting for? What delays you? This blog post opens the door for great opportunities in your career. Your career should take a new turning from now on. You should go out and take charge of your profession. It does not have to be about someone else all the time. But, it does have to be about your domain most of the time.

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